Anna Nicole Smith died

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  • purplesofa

    watching it on tv now...........freaky

  • Nosferatu

    I'm guessing silicone poisoning

  • What-A-Coincidence

    i bet it was a drug overdose

  • megsmomma

    It does seem that every time I have ever heard her speak, she was slurring her words, and "on" something.I am sure there is so much more to come on the reason for her death. I hope the baby is healthy and gets to have a calm life.

  • rare treat
    rare treat

    That is so tragic.

  • tan
    I bet it was a drug overdose

    Me too. It's a shame. She didn't look good the last interview that I saw. I hope she's in a better place too.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    or trim spa overdose...take your pic

  • free2think

    wow! How sad, and what a shame for the little girl as well.

  • mouthy

    How sad. Such a mixed up little girl. Just goes to show beauty is not always an answer to a happy life.
    & Fame can cause lots of heartaches ... I do hope she had a hope in her heart. Sad....

  • Mulan

    I agree about drugs. Every interview I've seen lately, she is slurring and looks kind of dull in the eyes.

    They showed a little clip her mother did on CNN last September, after her son died, where she was warning Anna Nicole about who she was surrounding herself with and that "you might be next". That sent chills.

    Very, very sad. At least now they can get the DNA test on her baby and get her to her legal father.

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