Where do you THINK the WT will be in 20 years? (Not what you hope)

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  • UnConfused

    Do you think growth will have stopped?

    Do you think membership will be up or down?

    Do you think financially they will be in trouble?

    Will they be more liberal or have tightened up further in 20 years?

    What will be the situation of the Governing Body as all the old timers are gone?

    ....what do you think will be happening in 20 years for the brothers and sisters?

  • Finally-Free

    I think all of their publications will be in the form of e-books that are copy protected and have an expiry date, after which they will be inaccessible. They will explain to the publishers™ that this technology is expensive to ensure the donations keep coming in.


  • Gill

    Stagnating in parts and diminishing overall!

    They have a sell by date stamped on their rear end and it says 1914!

    The organisation is already 'aging' and most of the young will have left. Those in it will be the ones who are 'stuck' for one reason or another.

    The bOrg will be revealing its true colours as a money centered coorporation but only the brightest will have seen that and left.

    Some will always stay because they really believe, that no matter what happens, they can live forever!

    They like the product that the WTBTS is and will be selling, so some will NEVER let go of the dream until it is ripped from their cold dead fingers literally.

  • skyking

    I believe they will have morphadited into a new religion. Finally having to make up some new reason the 1935, 144,000 are all dead and every governing body member are replacement 144,000. People will still be as deceived as they are now, looking at tomorrow as the big Armageddon telling the world the time is very short we had better wake up.

  • zack

    They will still be selling and people will still be buying. Look at us, here. It took us all a while to learn the truth abouth the "truth."

    Thy tell people they do not ever have to die, just waltz right over into the New World. The Witnesses give them a short cut, so to speak.

    So, for a believer (in Christianity) the message can be quite appealing since no death is more palatable over certain death. They'll still be here. I WON"T.

  • blondie

    What has happened between 1987 and 2007?

    1987 Ministerial Training School begins

    1987 Christian Jubilee doctrine clairified; no longer foreshadows 1,000 year reign of Christ; instead starts in 33 CE

    1987 One circuit assembly is reduced to one day and called "special assembly day"

    1988 No resurrection for those in Sodom and Gomorrah (flipflop doctrine)

    1990 Donation arrangement change

    1992 Assistants to the GB; Nethinim, etc.

    1992 Fred Franz dies; Henschel becomes president (no president after 2000)

    1993 Proclaimers book comes out with a more, current account of the WTS history in the viewpoint (try finding much about 1874, 1878, 1881, 1914, 1915, 1920, 1925 before that)

    1994 Gerrit Loesch added to the GB; first of GB to be born around/baptized after 1935 (1941)

    1994 Revelation Climax book studied for the 3rd time (published in 1988)

    1995 Gilead School moves from Brooklyn to Patterson NY (one of many moves of major parts of the WTS out of Brooklyn)

    1995 1914 Generation "ends"

    1995 Sheep and goats not to be separated until beginning of GT when Jesus comes with the angels

    1995 No more food at assemblies/conventions; rank and file will bring their own

    1996 Civilian service allowed in lieu of military service (WTS tries to say this was always the case but ask any JW man of draft age during the Vietnam war what would have happened if he "chose" civilian service)

    1997 Reclarification of the end of the 1914 generation

    1998 JWs are given permission to have life insurance and to plan their funerals

    1999 4 more members added to the GB; first black member, all four born around 1935.

    1999 After teaching since 1918 that the League of Nations/UN was the disgusting thing standing in a holy place, the WTS makes it a future event and tries to say it is the political elements within the UN.

    1999 Regular pioneers required to get 70 hours/month; auxiliary pioneers 50 hours/month

    2000 More WTS corporations formed; officially stated GB will no longer have a role in running them

    2000 Blood fractions; taking a blood transfusion becomes a da'ing offense although not in print in WT publications available to anyone lower than a CO

    2001--WTC destroyed 9-11; talk by Ciro Auclino suggesting Muslim nations may be new king of the north

    2002--WT printing in Brooklyn to be moved to Walkill, completed in 2004

    2002--Luaus are not acceptable for JWs despite the religious background

    2003 Pinatas okay for JWs now; yet in 2000 was considered a Christmas custom

    2004--earthly courtyard for the great crowd; compared to Jewish proselytes although history shows that proselytes were of the first baptized as Christians with the Jewish-born Christians (huh?)

    2005 Two members added to GB, Morris and Jackson also born after 1935


    Subscriptions end

    Awake is published once monthly starting 2006

    Bound volumes and books (and even bibles) are paperback

    When members are df'd or da'd, an elder will announce from the platform before the service meeting that they are "no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses."

    Adjustments are made in the theocratic school with no introduction/conclusion for #2 talks, one of which will consist of reading out loud from a WTS publication (not the bible); JWs will still be ineffective at the door

    (of course, this is not all inclusive, but it does show how the WTS tries to adapt)


  • jeanV

    imo the WTBTS will survive for many more years.

    Do you think growth will have stopped? Yes, it has stopped already. 1-2% increase per year is negligible. It might just benefit of some catastrophic events, but younger generations are more difficult to be trapped in.

    Do you think membership will be up or down? Down, and aging.

    Do you think financially they will be in trouble? I think the WTBTS is already in trouble. There is a new arrangment for a third contribution box (for KH worldwide) that might bring in some cash, but the "machine" needs a lot of money to run. Selling some real estate will help.

    Will they be more liberal or have tightened up further in 20 years? Hopefully more liberal, but I doubt it.

    What will be the situation of the Governing Body as all the old timers are gone? Newer, younger ones will come along (of the great crowd), same style.

    ....what do you think will be happening in 20 years for the brothers and sisters? don't know.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Do you think growth will have stopped?
    Yes, growth has stopped already in the west, and I think that the growth they are still having in the third world will grind to a halt as well in the next few years, certainly in the next 20

    Do you think membership will be up or down?
    Definitely down. The old - timers will have died off, and less youngsters are staying in the org once they reach 18 or 19. I think that trend will continue.

    Do you think financially they will be in trouble?
    They are in trouble already, and the situation is unlikely to improve, particularly in view of all the child abuse cases hich are coming to light now. The wts have many legal battles ahead of them, and ones which they are not guaranteed to win.

    Will they be more liberal or have tightened up further in 20 years?
    I doubt they will adopt a more liberal attitude unless forced to by circumstances

    What will be the situation of the Governing Body as all the old timers are gone?
    It will probably be run by non - anointed, who will have gradually been drafted in by the current gb after "new light" is revealed concerning who runs the society.

  • minimus

    They always will be around. 20 years produces a new generation. It is a millenial religion.Such a group will always have its adherents. They may see the need to loosen up a bit, see their membership increase and then crack the whip again.

  • Rooster

    In the year 2027

    1. All of the special Anointed Class (144,000) will be dead.

    2. Their teachings on blood will be resolved with all blood products being eatable.

    3. Women will be giving Sunday talks from the stage.

    4. There will be no more home book studies because of the rise of rape in the homes.

    Wait I am seeing more of the future.. Is that you Judge Rutherford?

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