How far would they go?

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  • barbar

    A while ago my mother said that if the society asked the JWs to do something that was wrong they wouldn't do it. But I'm sure they would. It is already easy for them to go against their own consciences, many don't feel it is right to shun others but they do it because they are told to. Most would feel dreadful with letting their children die but would do it if blood was needed because the society tells them to. So how far would they go? Would they go to the extreme of say suicide bombings if they were told that God had revealed that thy should do this? Would they go to the extreme of say what the Branch Davidiands did? My feeling is that many would without hesitation. What do you think?

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I reckon if it's UNBIBLICAL, the average dub wouldn't do it (eg, steal if the Society told them too). But anything NOT directly mentioned in the Bible (eg covering up child molesters) they'd go for, because they can justify the WTBTS/FDS continuing from where the Bible left off.

    You got snow there Barbar?

  • barbar

    Got no snow where I am, about as far south as you can get. But my son says there plenty in the north where he lives.

  • avidbiblereader

    I dont think they would start killing by any means like the David Koresh example but when you can twist the scriptures on things mentioned in the Bible as they have I believe that the witness would go pretty far on some obsurd Biblical "subject' if they can go over and around and through and then backwards and upside down with the scripture and then say this is new light but far out stuff I would think, that the power of reason would kick in.


  • MidwichCuckoo

    I don't think Dubs would commit mass suicide as it would be unBiblical. Having said that, I'm sure if the Society wanted a 'Branch-Davidian' situation, the WTBTS would manipulate Scriptures to fit their purpose, and declare it 'NEW LIGHT'.

  • hubert

    I've heard mention in some past posts that if the W.T. told their "sheep" to go out and kill all "worldly" people, many of them would do just that, and I believe it.


  • vitty

    They would allow their children to die, without making a thorough investigation to see if its scriptural !!!

    They would die themselves save face with their peers

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I somewhat agree with you abr. The 'Power of Reason' kicked in for quite a few Dubs over past issues, which has resulted in the WTBTS losing many of Its members. BUT there are always those who will stick to the Society, defending It's faults, believing Its lies and making excuses for It.

  • Honesty

    If the world governments ever were to collapse while the WTBTS is in existence all ex-JW's had better watch their backsides.

    That's about all I have to say about this.

  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    I think some would do ANYTHING that GB asked of them. I came across old publications that told JW's to lie and called it spiritual warfare. Telling the r&f that to lie for Jah's Kingdom was ok cause it would protect many and harm no one???!!!!!

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