How far would they go?

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  • found-my-way

    I think that if the society told members to kill members of the world, or gasp! apostates...

    I bet some are crazy enough to jump on that bandwagon. and you KNOW there are many certifiably crazy people in the troof!!

    But it would wake up alot of other reasonable JW's and cause them to start questioning the WTBTS doctrines and teachings...

    Not that I think they would ever do that, since the writing commitee is made up of mostly lawyers...(that is conjecture on my part).

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    The light would need to be progressively "brighter"

    It appears that people have died for wt policies (organs) that soon after were changed - now they die over transfusion therapy, and would allow their children to - if they managed to biblically spin other types of killing, I'm sure the r&f would justify it somehow - they don't seem to be perturbed by a genocide people 'not like them'.

    When you think about it, they've already declared allegiance to someone that they say will kill pretty much everyone except themselves.

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    There will be a core of faithful JWs who are capable of murder, suicide is murder. They murder their own children now physically by witholding life saving blood, and murder them spiritualy by destroying their minds.

  • Lumptard

    If it was printed in the watchtower with some scriptures to "support" it, then yes...I beleive that anything's possible and there are people in the organization that are that dependent so as to cease using logic and common sense in favor of what their religion asks of them.. I doubt very much, though that it would go that far.

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