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  • restrangled


    Didn't see your post until now since the site was down.....

    Sounds as if you were found out.....My parents reacted the same way after snooping in my Diary. And thats what your parents did...snoop.

    There needs to be a some "outrage" for that bad behavior!

    How are your grades with Home Schooling? Have you looked into "Pell Grants"....they pay up to about $4000.00 then the State starts kicking in for college expenses.....although you need to know figures from you parent's tax returns last year. (2006)

    Don't waste time, speak your mind and get going with your life......Thats my advice because the longer you play this game the harder it gets.

    Do you have any relatives that are non JW's that would be willing to take you in?

    Be prepared for some strange Meeting with the elders unbeknownst to you.

    Thinking of you dear and hope you are ok!


  • LeslieV

    Please let us know how your talk goes with your folks. Just remember they do really love you, they are just blinded by the cult. Sometimes at your age it is good to just play the game until you can get out. Tell them you were trying to find out information to debunk your questions. Not a lie. Once you realize the truth is really the lie you don't have to play their games. Telling them everything really is not what you have to do. You choose what you disclose nothing more. Everyone here is concerned for you. Good Luck


  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    Try not to think about the "possible" outcome too much. You'll just drive yourself crazy. Often the reality of the matter is not as bad as what we have imagined will happen. Try to keep calm and answer the questions as honestly as possible. When they do speak to you try keep emotions under wraps or things can get very heated. One option is to write them a letter to explain everything. I find with a letter no one can twist what you've said and no one can interupt you while you're saying it. It will also give them time to re-read it and calm down before talking to you. Hope everything goes well.

  • Leolaia

    I don't know if you dad and mom were born into the JWs like you, but if they were not, when the time comes for you to talk to them you might want to direct their attention to their experience of studying with the JWs, "making all things true," and coming to their own decision that it was the truth. They had that opportunity to do this if they encountered the "trooth" as adults. But you were a child when you were brought up into the "trooth"; it's all you've ever known, and you've always accepted it (in part naturally because of parental authority) though your mind was not yet mature. Now that your mind is finally matured to the extent that you can think for yourself so that you can evaluate the "trooth" for yourself, all you want is the opportunity to do what they had the luxury to do when they encountered the "trooth" for the first time: to make your own decision whether it is the truth. Even if you were baptized as a minor, you still lacked the understanding and reasoning skills that come with maturity.

    The truth is that the Society encourages people to do this when they first encounter the JWs as adults. You can point to this article:

    *** w96 9/15 p. 7 Do All Religions Please God? ***

    If you wish to practice religion that pleases God, why not get better acquainted with Jehovah’s Witnesses? The accompanying chart lists some of their beliefs, along with Scriptural reasons for these. Check your Bible to see if the beliefs of the Witnesses harmonize with God’s Word. Investigate to find out if their religion produces the kind of fruitage you would expect of true worship. If you find that it does, you will have discovered the religion that pleases God.

    And by implication, if you find that it doesn't, then you have not found the right religion. But you were not able to do this as a child. Only now can you approach it as someone encountering it for the first time, and make your own decision about it.

  • thebiggestlie

    So maybe i was a little paranoid. I still have not been confronted yet i know they know. I wonder what they are waiting for. Perhaps i'm just lucky i don't know. i'm kinda confused...

  • Rooster
    My father was acting weird to and i think he said he loves me 3 times since i've been home.

    Well your dad loves you!!

  • Crumpet

    Not necessarily paranoid - my parents would let me think i was caught but then all would seem to go back to normal only to bite my in the ass when I was convinced all was well. Stay alert! Did you find your cell phone by the way? If you didnt - did you ask your parents? If they say nothing ask if maybe you should report it so you can get a new one on the insurance and see what they say then? I never gte how parents think it is okay to steal from their kids! My used to and it pissed me off no end. I should have just pointed to Gods law on stealing and rmeinded them that it was a df ing offense and my christian conscience was telling me to report them!

  • Used2B1

    It was 18 yrs ago for me man. Be prepared to go at it alone. DO not do what I did, don't go crazy and screw up your life just becuase you don't want to be a JW anymore. I traveled tuff roads, today life is fantastic! I was still a sr. in high school when I was cut off. I pierced smoked and poked...mistakes.

    keep me up on how you are.

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