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  • lisavegas420

    I don't know where in Ohio you are...but if you need a place to crash, let me know. We have extra rooms...it's way to cold to be in the streets.

    Just remember, you did nothing wrong, you have a mind, and you used it.

    Keep reminding your parents that your unconditional love for them will never change.


  • Crumpet

    SirNose586 - your responses are excellent - really really helpful!

    biggestlie - this must be really scary, nerve racking and exciting in a weird kind of way. View all this as a positive - your life is going to be so much better for living it free of lies especially from your age. I was homeschooled too - but you can build a good social life and there are so many kind good caring folks out there - far more than you will find within. I got kicked out when I was 16 and complete strangers (parents of new friends I had made) offered to take me in! I should have worked out then that the dubs had it all wrong and didnt know the first thing about displaying humanity or love in the way that comes naturally to most and the way Christ taught.

  • mia_b

    (((thebiggestlie))) hope all is well (or as well as it can be) keep us posted on what happens


    If you feel this is your exit point than take it. It sucks to lose your family and friends, but you will feel a relief in your life that you never felt possible!!! When my parents found out about me I moved out and worked 2 jobs to pass the time, you will make new friends, just be strong.

    PS alittle Pot and Sex wont kill you!!!!!LOL

  • ex-nj-jw

    I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time....and wish i could give you some advise.

    Just try to stay calm, think about your resources, do you have any non-jw family or friends? Unfortunately most of us who were brought up in this cult are cut off from "the real world". I always had non-jw friends (undercover), and was as closer to their families and parents than my own, some of these relationships have lasted even till now.

    Hang in there and let us know how you are doing, please. Keep your head up and remember that you are not alone, as you can see from this board there are a lot of people who have been thru the same or similar experiences

  • RAF


    Sorry that you are there already !!!

    Take care ... (get as much self controle as possible)

    Yep : SirNose586... but I would considere what Nicolaus said too ... (it's important to make them feel good about your state of mind).

  • Narkissos

    Hey thebiggestlie...

    You've received excellent advice.

    I'd just add, trust the guy who left his research and notebook open on his desk. He probably had an excellent reason for doing so. Within a few months you may find out that it was an excellent move.

    Take it easy, kind and cool, step by step. This had to happen.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    My wife brought out a good point the other day when thinking about her own chlidhood growing up JW.

    So many times the magazines tell these stories of 'heroic' kids that 'stand up for Jehovah' in the grandest ways. Kids that refuse blood transfusions, don't salute the flag at school and become ridiculed for it, preach to their teachers and class mates, the list can go on and on.

    What my wife pointed out is that these kinds of things tend to teach JWs the wrong way to look at their kids. They tend to look at them for what they do and only see importance in their 'works for God'. They will judge you by the standards they read in the Watchtower. My wife related how she was told growing up 'well look what that kid did in todays watchtower lesson, are you like that? are you strong like those other good JW kids in the magazines?'.

    I say just to relate again that your parents are too victims of this cult. They have been show a terrible way to parent their children. What they expect of you comes not from them but from the Watchtower. Showing mercy for them and the situation will go along way.

    When I first learned the 'truth about the truth' I just wanted to show my wife and her family what I learned and simply walk away from it. But if I can give you any advice (especially since you are new to this) it would be to take your time and don't reveal much to you paretns, and only after they ask for it. The less you speak the better at this point. This will give you the advantage to learn as you go along in dealing with your parents as opposed to doing one big breakout fight and causing a division.

    Take your time and you will be ok, I've seen to many people rush stuff like this. You never know what can happen so don't try to make it happen, let it happen.


  • Lumptard

    Sounds like you're farged for sure. Just try to convince your parents & the subsequent elder inquirers that you were trying to get questions answered that the WT had confused you about and that you were afraid that people would think you were an apostate if you brought it up with anyone else. This may even be the truth. Just make sure that you convince everyone that you aren't trying to undermine the WTBTS and then make up your own mind about things. What other people beleive you think doesn't need to be the same thing that you actually think.

  • thebiggestlie

    It might be hard to convince them of that as a pretty big portion of my research was about the FDS and the GB and how there was no gb in the 1st centurey and the council of Jerusalem set no precedent and what-not...I haven't been confronted yet which is a good thing i guess. I get to brush up on my stand. My dad gets to load his arsenal to i suppose. I hope this goes peaceful as he has the tendency to have somewhat of a temper.... Thanks for all your advice though its top notch...

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