My Music is Up Again

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    And my apologies for my screw-ups and idiocy with you in the past!

    What are you talking about? I don't remember anything.

    Yes, I love that one. I played it some years ago while staying with my aunt and uncle. She had the music. I'll get the music. It's not that hard to play, but it is highly syncophated. Problem is, my keyboard has konked out. It is about 11 years old, and if I can find someone to fix it and find whatever-it-is that is wrong with it, I will record it and put it up.

    What moves me more about 'Somewhere in Time' is not just the music, but the premise of the movie. Maybe we all ARE eternal. Maybe not. ;)

    Ah if time travel were only as easy as wanting and believing. As for being eternal, well one day we'll both find out. With my luck, I'll be greeted with a broom and a dust pan.

    Good to see you around again.


  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    : Can you play some good ol county music and put one up there to download?

    I would rather join the jihadest movement and blow myself up!

    LOL ...

    so you probably would not be caught dead playing the bluegrass banjo songs Dave and I are practicing for the Seniors in the nursing homes!

    His band will not let him even bring his banjo to practice, that is banjo discrimination.

    ::Frankie and Johnie were sweethearts, Oh Lordy how they could love, Swore to be true to each other just as true as the stars above. He was her man, but he was doing her wrong::

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