Does JWs have a Personal Relationship with Jesus/Jehovah?

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  • A-Team

    The question is self explanatory.

  • needproof

    I was more scared to death of Jehovah. Jesus hardly came into the equation.

    Things between me and God went well for a time but then when my hours were low I was frightened that at any moment I would be frazzled alive.

  • thebiggestlie

    I was good friends with Jesus... he went to the spanish congregation that met at our hall. His mother Maria made the best enchilladas this side of the border ;)

  • fullofdoubtnow

    They believe they have one with jehovah, and are told they don't need one with jesus, unless they are "anointed".

  • LtCmd.Lore

    When I was a witness, I was TOLD that I had a personal relationship with god, but how can you have a relationship with someone who you have never seen, and who hasn't spoken to you ONCE?! The only thing I could do to prove that I 'loved' him was to go out in field service. Since I wasn't encouraged to talk to him like a friend, and I wasn't even allowed to talk to him directly, it had to go through Jesus who I wasn't allowed to talk to. God never spoke to me, and I could hardly talk to him.

    Sure they said that he spoke to me through the bible, but this is the equivelent of me having a personel relationship with my great-great-great-grandfather, simply because he wrote a letter to his children, and then had it handed down for generations.

    Sorry, that's not a relationship any more than I have a relationship with the writers of the constitution.

    But I do realise that that is NOT how all religions are, I see that most other religions do have relationships with Jesus, they talk to him, love him, and want to meet him in person some day, and they are just as attached to him as children are to their imaginary friends.

    I definately think that the Witnesses had it all wrong... that's not what the bible writers had in mind. Heck, if you're gonna make up an all-powerfull being, you may as well make him friendly right?


  • mouthy

    I felt I had to work for Jehovah because I had committed many sins...I was happy to hear I could work hard & MAYBE get to live on that Paradise earth. I didnt think much on Jesus ..... But After I was given the left foot of fellowship.... I was surprised to hear BOTH of my daughters- the one that died & the one that posted on here a couple of times. ( not the one still in) say.... " Mum Jesus used to ride on the bus with me every day- when the other kids would make fun of me for being a JW- I always prayed to Jesus"
    The other daughter said" I always prayed to Jesus MUM" That was music to my ears.... So here I thought I was a GREAT Teacher LOL. Made 10 people JWS/// Couldnt have been that good if they were not praying to Jehovah.... I found Jesus ( or he found me) at PA in 1989... Boy was I lost !!!!!

  • I.Wonder

    Well I think it's hard to know for sure. However my opinion is this, they really do not have a personal relationship with Jehovah. Wether they are approved or dis-approved before God, how close they are to him or how far away from him they are, is determined by the elders and the gossips of the congregations. Not God! They are judged by humans (elders, etc.) for what they do, not who they are. If they did have this close personal relationship with Jehovah then they wouldn't be so paranoid when they decide to go on vacation and not attend the meetings, or allow themselves a day off from service. To me this whole JW thing is about looking good in front of man. Or maybe Jehovah is a dictator and does expect his people to obey a bunch of dumb rules and cower and snivel before his feet. If that's the case then maybe they are close him!

    That's my 2 pennys any way.


  • greendawn

    They are suspended in mid air when it comes to that, almost all dubs do not have a personal relationship with Jesus because they believe they can't and as with God they can't either since they are out with Jesus they can't receive the spirit of adoption. They relate to God only in a negative way that is through fear like the Jews, they see him as a Lord and not a Father. What a mess they are in.

  • blondie

    If you asked the ordinary JW if they have a personal relationship with Jehovah and/or Jesus, they would say they did. After all, they are called "Jehovah's" witnesses and they feel they are Christians.

    Yet, they are told that they cannot have a relationship with either unless they are associated with the WTS/faithful slave/governing body. Only through that entity can they understand the Bible and thus have a proper and true relationship.

    Because the WTS teaches that only 144,000 are Christ's brothers and sons of God (only 8500 still alive on earth), it leaves all other JWs out of the family picture.


  • Rooster

    Who is Jehovah? If he is God the answer is no. If it the name of a demon then the answer is yes!

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