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    Thanks Dozy, excellent information.

    As much as i disagree with the WTS stance, all the JWs I have talked to ignore the obvious hypocrisy of the current stance, and are happy to be separate from the world on this issue.

    As you mentioned, the WTS has covered its ass by making it the responsibility of the misinformed followers. They are happy to have liability taken off them when minors are forced transfusion. I am sure they have hoped for an effective non blood alternative for years, and if it comes it will not be too soon for them.

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    The consensus here would seem to indicate those of us opposed to the ongoing Bleeding Lambs tragedy might as well hang it up and that simply is not true; so to overturn that notion note:

    The fact is that kids and adults are still bleeding to death.

    As to the Governing Body being smug as to their ability to legally stay safe from lawsuits about whole blood emergency transfusions, note that they have also been smug in the same way about child molestations.

    Those who put total faith in the Governing Body's interpretations as the Faith Discreet Slave instead of Jesus Christ and the Bible are likely NOT 90% of JWs but likely 20%, the rest having to seem to go along with the fanatics.

    I spoke to a male nurse about a month ago who says he has lots of stories he could tell showing that when Hospital Liaison Committee member (JW Elders) are out-of-sight, many JWs do gladly accept or consent to emergency blood transfusions. As some of you have pointed out, when HLC members are present they put JW patients under duress, like a gun to the head.

    JWs indeed have been mistaught that blood transfusions often lead to reception of AIDS, but this is totally false as common sense tells.

    Thanks to Dr. Sam Muramoto and Lee Elder through professional journals articles have informed most doctors that all JWs do not agree with the Governing Body.

    HLC's do exist and have spread but once their coerciveness becomes more understood by not only individual hospitals but governments in general there could quickly be an outlawing of them in the hospitals. This is not only desirable but deserves to be encouraged.

  • Gill

    That is a very interesting post, Dozy.

    JWs always believe that what they 'believe at the present moment' will never change as it is the Troof. However, their Troofs are constantly changing. In effect, JWs now accept blood transfusions, at least the GB would like them to accept the fractions which make up the four components, which make up whole blood. But many are still refusing and dying as there is no replacement for whole blood in an absolute bleeding out emergency. People don't survive with just Ringers circulating round their veins.

    What drives Watchtower Policy at the moment is the lawyers. Law develops. Situations develop in which the WTBTS has no control and precedents are set that force the hand of the GB to move to protect their bank balances.

    There will be more change in the future. There will have to be. The present state of the blood policy is total and absolute fiasco and farsical. If it were to be thoroughly discussed and dissected in a law court the GB would lose and lose with a vengeane. It would only take one case to expose their ludicrous stand. This same ludicrous stand on blood is constantly discussed and disected on the internet.

    There will be more change. Either they will go backwards and ban ALL blood products or leave everything to the 'customers conscience.'

    The blood policy cannot stay as it is. It makes no sense at all and that lovely diagram that the WTBTS display to show the components of blood simply demonstrate to the JWs that they ARE accepting blood.

    I thought the Bible said to 'Abstain from blood'? Where does it say, 'Accept blood fractions?'

    Change will come. I think it will take us all by surprise but it WILL come.

  • Mary
    His feel that Jws have “been vindicated” by the stand on blood - HIV , CJD , hepatitis etc. They feel that the HLC / HIS / PVG program has been an outstanding success in “informing & educating” the healthcare profession. They feel the trend towards “No Blood” medicine is unstoppable and that blood transfusions as we know will be rapidly phased out over the next decade

    As per usual, those high up in the Organization can't see past the wart on the end of their noses. There is no doubt that the WTS has been an instrument in pressuring hospitals to try alternatives to blood transfusion, and it certainly has been with a measure of success. However, there is still no substitute for real blood when oxygen is urgently needed in the body, as in the case of the sextuplets. Modern medicine is always moving forward and if they can eventually find a substitute that works as well as real blood, then I think that would be fantastic. In the meantime, when a blood transfusion IS the only thing that will save someone's life, then it should be allowed plain and simple.

    My observations - there is no pressure on the WTS to reform - the medical profession has bailed them out.

    I wouldn't say the same thing applies here in Canada. The very idea that any parents would rather let their babies die than accept an available treatment that would save their lives, at the behest of their religion, has really struck a cord in the hearts of Canadians. They are shocked, disgusted and furious that this is happening and I don't think those at the Canadian Bethel are feeling so smug and compliant right about now. If there's one thing the WTS hates, is having a worldly light shining on their insane doctrines and giving them a bad name.

    Rather than regarding the “stand on blood” as an “achilles heel” , the WTS figure that the policy is extremely positive. It differentiates Jws from all other religions as a unique doctrine - a USP , if you like. Any difficulties contribute towards a sense of martyrdom and persecution.

    Yes, I'm sure the fundamental terrorists on board Flight 175 thought the exact same thing just before they crashed the plane into the World Trade Center. Being "different" doesn't mean being "right"; a concept the Governing Body and their legal cronies don't seem to get.

    There is certainly a difference in culture between the UK & USA , probably because the USA health professionals are more “customer focused” and keen to meet the needs and requirements of patients whereas Britain has a centrally organised , publicly owned and funded NHS system which is more intent on protecting the vested interests of healthcare workers.

    That's basically the position here in Canada. Since we too have a publically funded health care system, the doctors don't give a damn about being "customer focused" at the expense of a child's life. The most embarassing thing for the Society right now is the comments from a Professor of Religion and others who have come out and said that the scriptures they use to back up the "no-blood" doctrine, are simply talking about handling procedures of a dead animal, not a live human. After all, if too many Witnesses read that, it might make them stop to think that many the Governing Body is wrong.

    The WTS may "feel" secure in their decisions, but that comes from living in an isolated enviroment. They were pretty smug and secure in their pedophile policy too up until a few years ago. Funny, I don't recall the first century Christian congregation worrying about hiding their assets from potential lawsuits, or having a Legal department or a Public Relations department....hell, I don't even think the Pharisees had that. Just one more indication that this cult has more in common with Satan, than it does with Jesus.

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    Someone questioned the conscience of men who cover themselves with the personal decision defense. As if a Hobson's choice (gun to your head) is really personal choice.

    I say we all write them at and voice our opinions.


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    bttt, for Gill and because, this is very interesting...and I missed it the first time around.

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    Dear aanita,

    WELCOME to the forum!! We appreciated your comments and look forward to hearing more from you!!


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