My Favorite WT Flip Flops

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    (gawd i thought this thread was gonna be about flip flops (sandals) i am so losing my mind)

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    The resurrection of those burnt in Sodom and Gomorrah, they flip flopped on this several times yet Jesus had made it clear that they will be resurrected. Apparently the dubs don't like the idea that those that suffered judgement will have another opportunity at life. The same may happen with those dying at their armageddon.

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    When reading WTS comments about what was taught in Russell's day it is always good to check the online copies of the 1879-1916 WTS publications. For example, the WTS said that Russell did not understand Romans 13:1 correctly because he did not have the NWT.

    The Bible directs the followers of Jesus to be subject to the powers that be. (`Romans 13:1-7`; `1 Peter 2:13-17`.) But while seeking to be thus law-abiding in every respect, Christians are to recognize that there is a still higher Law and a still higher Ruler, and are to be subject to the worldly powers only in the absence of a contrary admonition from the Higher Power--from God.

    (WT 1/15/1916, R5840, page 29)

    True, all law and order will be overthrown in this day of trouble, and that by divine permission; but so long as there is any law, all who are God's people should respect it. When the Apostle said that we should "be subject to the powers that be," he did not add so long as the laws are perfectly just and equal. No: he knew, as we know, that laws made by imperfect men cannot be perfect laws. Our only question about obeying the laws must be if they conflict with our duty toward the divine law of love to God and to our fellow men. And very few, if any, human laws demand of us a violation of this, our supreme law.

    (WT 9/1/1892 R1440, page 260)


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    And they claim to be guided by holy spirit ?????

    they'd be better off using a GPS

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    The FDS organization is using STROBE lights -- on and off, on and off, ...

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    I love finding old gems like this. I have many bookmarks from this site that are over 10 years old, but still very valuable and not considered old light...

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    I don't believe that Romans 13 and superior Authorities is a flip flop. In Russell's day, they felt like all the other churches on the subject. They weren't applying neutrality and the governments were above God. They were at one extreme. Then in Rutherford's day at World War I, he said they were Jehovah God and Jesus Christ to go to the other extreme to cause people to avoid any association with the government. Then Knorr brought it to the middle by eliminating both extremes. It's the governments, but they don't rule you above God.

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    Man I thought they were terrible with the sodom and Gomorrah flip flop but that as bad if not worse.

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