There is a time for everything says the bible, so why..........

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  • JH

    He told my exactly why he didn't accept that I pioneer. He made it pretty clear.

    He said, I want you to do the average hours that the congregation does, about 10 or 12 hours a month, then once you do that, they apply again as aux. pioneer.

    He just didn't accept that I went down to 2 or 4 hours a month while I worked,and then back to 50 and 60 hours whenI was off.

    It was his way of forcing me to go out 12 hours a month while I was working 50 hours a week.

  • jaguarbass

    You should be happy now that you know the truth, you dont have to do any hours a month. You can feel special that you know they are all full of sxxt.

  • juni

    Hey JH!

    They are only interested in a good report for the CO's visit. They want people to conform and not go outside of the box because then they would be an "independent thinker"!! No room for that. They want everyone on the same page even though for some a schedule like that would make sense.


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