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  • aanita


    My first question is - You use Acts 15 saying "abstain from blood" as if applied to modern emergency transfusions of whole blood but isn't it balanced by Matthew 12:7 where Christ says God wants "mercy not sacrifice" when surely the death of even one single adult or child is sacrifice;

    My second question is - Isn't it significant that 1 Samuel 14:32-35 says to stay alive all Saul's men ate blood with meat and were not punished with death; they only had to build an altar to show they were sorry it had been absolutely necessary, and that was due to the Mosaic Law then being in effect;

    My third is - How do you reconcile the Watchtower Society interpretations with the fact that organ transplants have whole blood in them and yet JWs can and do take those?

    The fourth is - What about the fact that many identical twins transfuse whole blood back and forth to each via a shared placenta; doesn't you see that this shows God does allows some own transfusing of blood among humans?

    And last I want to ask you this - A mother's blood also keeps trace amounts of a baby's blood for years due to mother-to-child transfusions by placenta; so why do you think God's own arrangments are wrong and the Watchtower Society's right?

    Why not mail copies of this to JWs, give them to doctors, nurses, judges etc? Again, it can save lives. I know it can because I had a person tell me it did just that. Even one Bleeding Lamb is one Bleeding Lamb too many.

  • fjtoth


    Good questions!

    It's just too bad that the average JW isn't capable of thinking for himself or herself about them. If the governing body says transfusions are wrong, that's all they need to know. It's settled, regardless of what Scripture and reason dictate.


  • avidbiblereader

    Good questions, whether we agree with the blood issue or not, good points to consider and get the mind moving and there are many other issues to go back and forth on as well.

    Use the the power of reason, that is why Jah gave it to all of us and not to just a couple of men in NY.


  • jwfacts

    Here are some questions. However, to be realistic, a JW will not open their eyes to reason. Cult mind control means a lot more is needed before eyes are opened.

  • greendawn

    Welcome Aanita, you are bringing up very good points and just the one concerning Saul and his men is enough to blow apart the JW blood policy. Even the jews have more sense than the dubs because their position is: saving lives is above the law. However note that the blood issue is a political-economic one the dubs can never admit that it is wrong because then they will have to pay billions to the families of JWs that died in vain by refusing to accept blood. This will also destroy the credibility of the GB to the point that most members will leave, in effect destroying the multinational corporation known as the WTS.

  • megsmomma

    Those are great points that I havn't concidered yet. I have e-mailed them to a couple of family members. Thank you so much!

  • Dansk

    Great questions but JWs, in the main, are blinkered and won't listen ------------------------------but there's always the odd one..........................


  • megsmomma

    Here are my dad's responses to what I sent....just what you wrote.

    1. Abstain from blood…just like all other guidelines Jehovah has put in place for humans it has its value for time indefinite. Thou shall not kill. It doesn’t say shall not kill except to preserve one’s own life or in case of wars or…
    2. Jehovah does want mercy not sacrifice, but not at the sacrifice of his other commandments; In first Samuel as throughout the Hebrew Scriptures Jehovah made certain sacrifices of his own to allow his chosen people to survive and fulfill his will…wars, killings, angels killing the opposing army’s…all part of Jehovah’s moving his plan forward with his chosen people.
    3. I don’t have an answer here it would take some research on my part and I don’t have time right now.
    4. The natural wonder of the human body is by Jehovah’s design…individuals have no control over these bodily functions…No choice to abstain or not to abstain.

    Whether the Watchtower Society has it 100% correct or not, Jehovah will look favorably upon Tamra’s decision, because she place 100% faith in Jehovah. There are some things in life where you have to hold true to your convictions and take a stand regardless what others think or say.

    Jesus didn’t burden mankind with as many rules as in the Hebrew Scriptures; however the Hebrew Scriptures gave mankind life sustaining guidelines. Jesus just gave a couple of commandments “love your neighbor…” and “abstain from blood…” obviously Jesus placed an enormous value on this commandment.

    There is a new Blood publication out (August 2006) “Blood Why So Valuable”, I would be happy to send you a copy.

    Love ya


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