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  • Verona

    I know that in a congregation, the TMS overseer's wife has asked to be removed from the school. She was granted her wish.

    It was probably due to stress, and this would be a kindness to allow her or others to overburden themselves if the TMS school proves to be stressful.

    The TMS is a voluntary school, sure you need to be a publisher to enter it, but it still is voluntary.

  • Honesty

    Don't give any more talks.

    When you get the talk slip just put it where it belongs.

    When the TMS overseer says anything about it just tell him you didn't feel like giving it that night.

    If he wants to know why you didn't call him just say that you know how busy he is taking care of organizational matters.

    You will be taken off the TMS so fast his head will start swimming instead of yours.

  • esw1966

    I remember that I had once asked to stop giving talks for a while because my life was getting too stressful.

    The elder REALLY didn't want me to do that and he encouraged me not to do that. I asked if I could then give just the Bible reading then and he agreed.

    I am thinking that they see that as a step backwards and will not want you to start on that slippery slope.

    Just think of that as a heads up in case they do the same for you. Have a backup plan for such reasoning.

  • JimWood

    A few years back a kid of an old friend of ours got out of it by 'blowing chunk' during the middle of his talk, claimed nerves and never got back on stage.

  • Peppermint

    'blowing chunk' ? - What does that mean?

  • exjdub

    The other way is to skip the meeting the night of your talk. They don't like it, but then you could offer up the anxiety defense and all will be forgiven. Do that a couple of times and they will stop scheduling you. It is a passive way to the same goal.


  • luna2

    I remember getting fed up with it too. I just told the school overseer that I needed a break. I don't remember giving any reasons for it...but I might have. At the time, I was steadily missing more and more meetings and may have even missed getting handed an assignment or two. Of course, women are under less pressure generally. There is a benefit to being a second class citizen.

  • Cass

    Yep the too nervous and too stressed at the moment one worked at treat for me, and you have to say it like you mean it, be prepared to stand your ground. People can sense if you are going to back down when pushed.

  • kwintestal

    I kept calling saying I couldn't do it, and then a few times just didn't show up for the meeting the night of the talk with no notice. The TMS overseer took me off the list himself to save himself the grief. I had no problem with it.


  • nicolaou
    Just ask to be removed. If he asks why, tell him it is for personal reasons. End of conversation. If he asks again, just keep repeating the same answer. Don't try and offer excuses/reasons. Keep it short and simple.

    What BumbleBee said. That's what I did some five or so years ago and it worked a treat. Or you could use a magic marker and write JEBUS on your forehead.

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