What people say about JWs now. . .

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  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    While I was a Hoho, I often told people that I was of the religion and therefore wouldn't do this or that (where's that LLLLONNGGGG list!); even as a kid I believed that if I was ashamed of being a witness that Jesus would be ashamed of me, and so, I witnessed whenever appropriate. At work and at school, people almost always said something positive in return and I rarely, if ever, received criticism for it.

    Now that I am Hoho no mo', when I speak of my evil JW past, I hear what people really think of them. Co-workers and clients have used words like antisocial, anti-government, toddler-spankers, masters of brainwashing, obsessive, exclusive, family-destroyers, ignorant, masogynists, uneducated. . .

    Lessons: 1) I have learned that when I was a JW, people were just being nice, and so they said nice things. People are generally nice.

    2) People are also generally Not Stupid and saw what a mess the JWs are long before I did.

  • SirNose586

    Toddler-spankers? Is that some sort of insult? How else would you keep the little brats in line?

  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    where's me wooden spoon!?

  • carla

    When I speak to people about the jw's they ALWAYS say they don't want to be rude so they listen and take the literature. I tell them they don't have to be 'nice' by accepting the literature as the jw gets to 'count' that as 'placing' the mags. Then of course I have to tell them about the time sheets all jw's are supposed to turn in. Then the non jw gets quite insulted that the jw is often only 'counting time' when they talk to people. Yes, there are those that truly love fs and believe wholeheartedly. Never fails though, the person will have some story about a jw who..... or they knew someone who knew someone who..... and ALL the stories are negative, all of them. Jw's are delusional if they think society thinks they live to some higher standard than the rest of society. But they keep repeating their moral superiority to themselves so therefore it must be true.

  • aniron

    People who I had spoken to for years as a JW, whether at work or on field service.

    Still haven't the faintest idea what JW's believe. They usually say they listened to be polite to me. But once I had gone forgot it all. Any magazines I gave them never got read.

  • greendawn

    Descriptives of them that I heard are: weirdos, monsters, deceivers and that is indeed what they are eg blood policy and letting little children die for blood refusal, deceitful recruiting tactics, tight control, numerous failed predictions, yet the brainwashed dubs view such descriptives as persecution against them because they happen to be upholding the truth. However they are justified.

  • avidbiblereader

    Same story of being nice but those that I talk to think they are Wacko's and never hear of nice things, their concept of the Witnesses is they dont understand but then again neither do I and I was one for 22 years.


  • mrsjones5

    jws have delusions of grandeur about their rep among the worldlies. It's so amazing that they even care.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    People were always polite to me when I was a jw, most of them anyway, and never said much bad about the religion. Now I have left, they are very critical, calling them brainwashed fanatics who even let their kids die for the want of a blood transfusion. Now I know just how irritated some people are when the jws knock on thier door peddling thier literature on a Sunday morning.

  • esw1966

    I've discovered the SAME thing!

    I WISH someone would have said something! All those nice people are enablers.

    How embarrassing now. My relatives are SO happy I am out. They never told me what they REALLY thought. I have also found out that no one really cares about what they say or do.

    I have been contacted once in the two years I have been in Bellingham. I received the tract for the assembly this last summer. Their EDUCATION work is REALLY lacking!!! I would know NOTHING of them if I had to rely on them for my education and survival.

    Yet they are so proud of all their efforts and are filled with all those 'nice' comments in the paper around assembly time. Boy are they misled!

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