'THE DAWKINS DELUSION' New book responds to Dawkins 'The God Delusion'

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  • LittleToe


    Dawkins sometimes reminds me of the early feminists who worked out that a small voice in the middle of a throng has to shout to be noticed.

    ...oh, I'm sorry, I read that as thong

  • stevenyc

    LT, LOL !! you got me cramped up over that.


  • lonelysheep
    Oh MY! The Dawkin worshiper's are crawling out of the woodwork

    No one is worshipping Dawkins, but agreeing with him (me, anyways).

  • mavie

    Dawkins has the balls to speak his opinion without being influenced by thousands of years of religious tradition. Yes, he can appear haughty at times, but that doesn't have any bearing on the accuracy of his message. It seems that atheists feel the need to speak up forcefully and not allow this issue to be swept under the table while business as normal carries on in the White House.

    A belief in God should not shape public policy.



  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Too clever by half.

  • mavie

    Sorry NN? Are you saying I'm full of myself? LOL!

  • Scully
    I gave up one belief, atheism, and embraced another, Christianity. Why? There were many factors. For a start, I was alarmed by some atheist writings, which seemed more preoccupied with rubbishing religion than seeking the truth.

    That's an interesting position to take.

    Personally, I do not view a critique of religion in general, or of its fruitage in particular, to be the equivalent of "rubbishing". Nor would it be mutually exclusive to seeking the truth.

    I've just finished Dawkins' The God Delusion. On the whole, I felt it was a little overdone - his sarcasm detracts from what I perceive to be sound and reasonable argument.

    Now, ROC, I understand that Lilly called your attention to all the nasty non-believing atheists here and you feel compelled to help her out, but I will remind you that if you aren't going to participate in the discussion in a meaningful way, we'll need to deal with you in an unpleasant manner.

  • press any key
    press any key

    sometimes you need a big ego to carry an unwanted message continually

    there are lots of other atheists out there who are more reasonable than dawkins but they dont get the airtime - in the media soup it's "survival of the loudest"

    so yeah he has an ego and an attitude, good, it gets the job done

    atheists are evolving , muh ha ha ha (cue scary mood music)



  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene

    I haven't read anything by Dawkins yet, but based on others' reactions, I have to ask in regard to this--

    it gets the job done

    --what job done? Giving those who already agree with him something to stand up and cheer about? That's cool. Increasing the alienation of those who don't agree with him, lessening the chance that they will want to consider whatever points they might possibly have found valid otherwise? Not so cool. Getting the vote for oppressed athiests? Cool (but I think they already have it). Liberating believers from their "delusions" so that they will be free from ___ to ___? (A little like ex-JWs wanting to liberate JWs from their WT "delusions"? Although that I understand better.)

    If these questions sound ignorant that's because they are. I would genuinely like someone to mention what it is Dawkins is wishing to accomplish through both his content and his style of delivery. I imagine he has declared his intent. Whatever it is, it appears that some feel he is not going about it in the best possible manner. Not PC enough, perhaps? Or, as I remarked above, too alienating?

    I'm a fan of free speech and free expression, and don't think these should be inhibited. I like people who challenge me, my ideas and beliefs and feelings, but not by insulting me. It's a turn off. A door closer. A discussion inhibitor. I like people who stimulate thought and natural curiosity, so that is what I tend to be drawn to.



  • DanTheMan

    I'm thinking that I should probably buy the book, just so when they show up at my door to interrogate me about my purchasing The God Delusion at Barnes & Noble back in January 2007 (they'll have copies of my credit card statement in hand), I'll be able to show them The Dawkins Delusion. I'll tell them that I just wanted to make sure of all things, and that I truly believeth in the lord. Hopefully I'll just get fined instead of jail time and/or torture.

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