King of the North = UN

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Yeah, the UN is the King of the North, the Scarlet -Colored Wild Beast, the Harlot, the 24 elders, the locusts from the pit, the snake in the Garden,the Alpha and the Omega, Abbadon, Jesus Christ, the 144,000, the wheels within wheels, the tree of life, the shekinah light, the ummin and the thurman, Abraham's left nut, the inner sanctum, the Green Arrow, Kryptonite, Batman and Superman.

    In fact, the entire Bible is about the UN.

    It's all perfectly clear. Let us thank the Faithful Slave for dispensing this essential and life-saving light.

  • stillajwexelder

    But since The Anglo-American world power (King of The South) are key veto-wielding and financial contributors to the UN , then that would make them both King of the South and part of King of the North at the same time - so even by WTS standards tha twould be totally crazy

  • AuldSoul

    They have also stated plainly that the identity (such as they have declared it) of the KoS will not change prior to Armageddon. It wil continue to be the US/UK.

    But I kind of worked out a very long while ago that if the UN is the eighth world power and is the image of the wild beast that will devastate the harlot all the US/UK needs to do is withdraw from the UN and suddenly the UN could become the KoN without a ripple in their current dogma.


    When I was still a JW it made perfect sense to me. Now I question their identification of (1) the KoS; (2) the KoN; (3) the image of the wild beast; (4) the harlot.

    Most JWs nod ploddingly along with the Governing Body identifications of all these symbolic entities. Only after they have been identified can the resultant dogma emerge. But if anyone ever challenges whether the symbols have been properly interpreted they are running ahead of the chariot.

    Auuughhhh! My family is still stuck in that spiritual quagmire.

  • OnTheWayOut

    And they said the predictions by Nostradamus were vague, someone could
    make them apply to almost anything in modern times.

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