Been @ work 18 hours now - its 230 am (AUST)

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  • misspeaches

    I've been at work since 8am yesterday morning (Sunday) and it is now 230am Monday morning. I've been here all bloody day and I am exhausted...

    I hate my job right now... Now hopefully our management will listen to us when we say we are understaffed.

    I'll probably be at work for another hour at least... And I want to go home and cuddle my hubby and my puppy...

    I could just cry... I'm so tired of all this work. I never get time to play here anymore and I'm missing all my friends and feeling completely out of the loop.

    Thats my story...

  • free2think


    You must be so exhausted. What do you do? I hope the next hour goes very quickly.


  • fullofdoubtnow


    Thats quite a shift, no wonder you are feeling exhausted. It would be illegal in the UK to expect anyone to work that many hours. I hope the next hour or so passes quickly, and you are soon home to your hubby. I hope your firm sorts out it's obvious staffing problems soon as well.

    take care


  • misspeaches

    Thanks ladies.... I'm so upset with my management right now... Would you believe I work in the Public Service. These sorts of hours are not permitted either but the work had to be done.

    Linda - I'll come work for you. You sound fair!

  • JH

    Some work too much, and others don't work at all.

    Some do nothing at work, while others never stop.

    MissPeaches, you should consider window cleaning 2 hours a day, and snooze at the hall

  • misanthropic

    ::I'm so tired of all this work. I never get time to play here anymore and I'm missing all my friends and feeling completely out of the loop.

    Awe, I hate that you don't have any time to play anymore either. I miss you. Hopefully you're getting compensated well for all the overtime.

  • jaguarbass

    I work in public service too, at a jail. I end up working a 16 hour shift once a month. It used to be once a week. No one likes it. We have about a 50% turnover a year because of it. 18 hours thats really bad. But I say I live in Florida and I work for the state of Florida and I have a retirement and good benefits. I get more vacation and sick leave than I can use. So for me it balances out. Plus I only have 8 more years, till I retire.. I can do anything for 8 years. I work midnights the first 8 of my 16 is easy. But when I have to hold for 16 and Ive already been up 8. It is very difficult. If you need the money suck it up. If not move on. I've seen people quit on the spot when they tell them they have to work 16 hours. Everyone knows they have to do it where I work. We have a holdover day. But sometimes we have to hold when it isnt our holdover day.

  • Elsewhere

    Your solution is simple: Go get another job.

    If management is not willing to properly staff your department's responsibilities... then leave and get a better job somewhere else. Trust me better jobs are out there!

    Once you leave, your manager will be left holding the bag.

  • Spectre

    I hope that you at least get overtime pay down there, right?

  • BrentR

    I used to work in emergency medical services and pulled 15-18 24 hr shifts each month. When you are on hour 19 and have only eaten once you should never be involved in emergent patient care. My wife is still working 16 hr shifts but is much happier then when we had 24's to do.

    I am still amazed at how many private and public EMS providers are still running 24 hr shifts. How many of you would want a paramedic taking care of you that has not slept or eaten over the last 20-23 hrs? That should be enough to scare nearly everyone, I know the mistakes that happen on a daily basis because I made a quite a few myself.

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