My Bethel Experience part 4

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  • blondie

    Two things stood out in my inspection of Bethel and Bethelites over the years and my experience as a commuter worker:

    1) How much every drank...including underage drinking. It seemed that people drank to numb themselves from the abuse at Bethel.

    2) What a revolving door it was: people leaving to get married, married people who got pregnant, and people who came as older adults who found that Bethel was nothing like it was advertised and so went back to their houses.

    Bethel has evolved in some ways since the 50's, 60's and 70's (and apostate 80's). In order to attract and keep men with professional skills, more older married couples were brought in. The accommodations were gradually improved so married women did not have to walk down the hallway to use the toilet. Studio and one-bedroom were built and cooking in the rooms became more frequent. Wives (sisters) were given jobs that were not just housekeeping and laundry; even training some for professional jobs.

    I can believe and have seen most of what you describe...

    Today young men are encouraged to sign up by their families...for the status of being a Bethelite: better marriage material, more likely and quickly to move up the MS/elder ladder.

    The abuse at the congregation level is bad; but if you can survive Bethel....


  • truthsetsonefree

    Funny that Fred would mention secular qualifications. I don't think Max Larsen had any. Fred Fredean always has seemed a nice guy. Funny that he has never been a big heavy in the corcuit here. Even though he has the respect of the brothers around him.


  • confusa

    It is now Sunday, 12:33 AM EST. Can you give us Part V of your Bethel story New Boy?

  • Paisley

    new boy, did you work with Harold Marks or Bill Martin at Bethel?

  • confusa

    Did you know of a Walter Zeno at Bethel?

  • confusa

    Did you know of a Walter Zeno at Bethel?

  • new boy
    new boy

    I did Know Marks........if you are talking about the one in the press room.

    I did not know Zeno

    As for Ray Franzs..........Yes I knew him and he had the reputation of being the only approachable GB if you had a problem.

  • Blueblades

    Your on a roll new boy! Did you know Dean Songer or Harold Dies,or, a Dan Kallestad. All at Bethel during your stay. Harold is one of the anointed.


  • mouthy

    Thanks Newboy I read all 4 installments. Sounds to me as though you should write a book & tile it
    " I have Walked Through the Valley Of the Shadow of Death & Came out Alive!
    Thanks my friend (((HUG))

  • heathen
    Sometimes I wonder how God picks those anointed guys anyway, God can be strange sometimes.

    Even the WTBTS doesn't take them all seriously , they've printed articles about how some may be mentally ill . How you like that? LOL probly explains their existance.

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