Who is the most influential figure in the history of human civilization?

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  • Blueblades

    Wherever you stand on the God question, or, think you do, I believe God is the most influential figure in the history of human civilization. Not just any god, but the god that created Adam and Eve; the god of Abraham, the god of the Jews; the god of the Christians; and the god of Islam. But what do we really know about him? Who is he? Where did he come from? What does he look like? What sort of character does he have? What, if anything does he eat? Does he have a family? In what ways can he be said to even exist at all?

    Alexander Waugh has been asking questions like these for as long as he can remember. Now having drawn from an enormous range of sources, from the sacred books of the Torah, the Christian New Testament, and the Islamic Qur'an, from the Greek Apocrypha and the ancient Texts of Nag Hammadi to the Dead Sea Scrolls, he has sought out the answers.

    Using material gleaned from the diverse writings of saints, rabbis, historians, prophets, atheists, poets, and mystics, he has molded his findings into a singular, striking biographical portrait of God.

    Having read his book ( GOD ) on this subject or not, who do you think is the most influential figure in the history of human civilization?

    I found his book challenging about the way I think about and or believe in god. So, I wanted to share this view of Alexander Waugh's with you.


  • Rooster

    Jesus Christ..

  • lovelylil

    God is definately the most talked about (good or bad) in the world. Lilly

  • onacruse

    Hello Bb.

    Now, in answer to your question, "the most influential figure" would, of course, have to be God, since, at the very least, God is a figment of the imagination of all human beings, by reason of the finite nature of our being.

    However, "the most influential human" would have to be, imho, Isaac Newton (or Leibnitz, if you're prone to argue about such things! LOL). His (their) discovery of differential calculus led to the proliferation of mechanical devices, electronic theory, vector calculus, and, ultimately, to Einstein's theories about the nature of the universe. Those discoveries have changed society more than anything God has ever demonstrably done...

    unless, of course, you put "Creation" into the equation.

  • avidbiblereader

    God is the most talked about but definitely Christ is the most influential person in History


  • talley

    Mohammed; has had a most detrimental effect on mankind since the 730's A.D.

  • RAF

    since 2000 years NO CONTEST I agree Jesus CHRIST !!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh !

  • Justahuman24

    I beg to differ with those of you who say Jesus Christ. Beccause it's God. Think about it, Jesus himself said that EVERYTHING he said and thought, he learned it from His Father. So, everything Jesus did, said, and influenced other people to do and say after him, is all attributable to God. But Jesus comes in second place. :-P

    justahuman - but super nonetheless

  • Outaservice

    I believe the most influential person to be Jesus Christ whether you believe in him or not.


  • sir82

    One might also reasonably argue that the Apostle Paul was the most influential.

    His were the first Christian writings...he more than anyone else is responsible for the spread & popularity of Chrisitianity...if not for his efforts, it may well have died out in the 1st or 2nd century.

    Even the gospel writings, where we ostensibly find out 100% of all we know about the person Jesus, were written in response to Paul's writings - at least that is a popular theory among some scholars.

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