Another jw story I got

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  • blondie

    Another WTS fairy story...I'm sure if we check google we will find that this is a revision of some preacher's story.

  • crazyblondeb

    Can't you just feel the love from the congregation, helping out their brother and sister in their time of need like the bible says!!!!

  • Honesty

    Then Jenny met Mouthy. She was in the grocery store and a nice lady smiled at her, and said she was "glowing". It brought her to tears and the woman asked..."Dear, what is wrong?" Jenny said..."You are the first person to be so kind...I have lots of "friends" at my church who have nothing nice to say."

    Wellll...You can figure the rest.....soon, Jenny and John saw "the truth about the truth" and their guilt was GONE! POOF! Boy were they glad they didn't spend the rest of their lives slaving for a cult.

    Ten years later....they have 3 kids....good jobs and a retirement plan! megsmaomma

    11 years later...they have another child...great jobs since they both were promoted...and Mouthy is one of the entire family's Christian sisters...they are all members with her at church.

    Moral of this story:

    Meet Mouthy and you too will soon reject the Watchtower Society Jerhover.

  • buffalosrfree

    This story should have started out, "Once upon a Time in La La Land," Jenny and Hubby were .......... That is just another made up story from the borg with absolutely no truth to it. The only thing missing from their usual tripe, is the names were changed crap line they use at times.

  • penny2
    John managed to buy her a second - hand TV and Video, though this meant he had to work even more hours

    John must have got ripped off then - people are throwing out their videos and surely someone in the congregation could have given them their old TV that was being replaced by the lastest LCD model. No, they were basically on their own.


  • MinisterAmos

    I'm confused,,,,

    Jenny slipped and fell while Pioneering and got paid sick pay? I didn't realize that the WT paid worker's comp to Pioneers who were injured in the line of their preaching assignment?

    Anyone else notice that?

  • PEC

    Thanks for sharing.

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