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  • dedpoet

    I received this in an email from a jw today. I know the person who sent it, I used to be in his congregation, and he suggested I put it on my site. I assume he was joking, it certainly isn't going on there, but I thought I'd share it with you guys. I doubt it's true, but it's quite entertaining in parts, though a little nauseus.


    In a recent court case in the UK, a man received a 9 year prison sentence for embezzling over £1,000,000 from the company he worked for. 3 members of his family who also became involved in the fraud received sentences of between 3 and 5 years. The company had to merge with another company, resulting in job losses, so many innocent people also sufferred from this mans' crime. In court, the man said that at first he only borrowed a few thousand pounds to buy a new car, but as time went on and his theft remained undiscovered, instead of paying the money back he stole more and more, buying new cars and other consumer items for members of his family, going on expensive holidays and even buying a holiday home in Spain. Through his actions, the man had ruined not only his own life, but many others lives as well

    As Christians, should we be surprised that such things happen in these last days? Hardly, as the Bible warns us to expect an increase in this type of behaviour as the present system draws to a close (compare 2 Tim:2-4). However, despite being well aware of the warnings, the following example shows us that even God's people sometimes allow themselves to get caught up in the materialism of this world, and suffer spiritually as a result.

    John and Jenny, a Christian couple from the UK, decided to arrange their circumstances to make room for pioneering. They both took part-time jobs, John working as a carpenter and Jenny in a local supermarket. Keeping their eye simple, they rented a small flat from a local housing association and, in order to keep their household bills as low as possible, decided they could do without luxury items like a TV, Video and DVD player, though they had a cd player that was given to them as a wedding present.

    For 3 years, they worked just enough at their secular jobs so as to make ends meet, and devoted themselves to proclaiming God's Kingdom as much as possible. John was soon appointed as a Ministerial Servant, and they both appeared on the platform at the Assembly several times. What a fine example they were setting for their brothers and sisters, and how happy they were serving Jehovah full- time!

    Then Jenny had a serious accident when she slipped on ice while out in the ministry, sufferring a severe back injury. She was unable to walk properly, and thus unable to work. She had to give up pioneering, at least temporarily, and her sick pay was only a third of the wages she had been receiving, so John had to work more hours in order to make ends meet. Even so, he carried on pioneering.

    Jenny's recovery was very slow,and she had to spend long hours alone at home, hardly able to get about at first, whils John worked at his job and then in the ministry. She started to complain of being lonely and bored, so to allevite this John managed to buy her a second - hand TV and Video, though this meant he had to work even more hours, and was finally forced to give up pioneering himself, having assured the Elders that he would pioneer again once Jenny had recovered. Now they had a TV, both began to enjoy watching it, and decided they would like a newer model, along with a DVD player and even a computer. They hadn't got the money to make such a purchase outright, so they decided to take out a loan, which they used to buy a new TV, DVD player, computer, microwave and washing machine, all the very latest models. By this time, Jenny had recovered and returned to work, but instead of going back to pioneering, as they had promised, both now worked full time inorder to make the loan repayments and money for other bills. Instead of pioneering, they were now spending less and less time in the ministry than they had before.

    The supermarket where Jenny worked opened on a Sunday, and offerred employees willing to work that day extra money for doing so. Jenny decided to volunteer for Sunday work, and was given a shift every other Sunday, which meant she missed the meeting on those days. John was also missing some weekday meetings, saying he had to work late.

    Of course, they sufferred spiritually because of this. They were hardly in the ministry at all now, and John stepped down as a Ministerial Servant. When the Elders expressed concern, they were assured that, once they had paid their debts, everything would be as it was before, and they would return to pioneering. However, their meeting attendance got less and less, and very soon they were not attending any meetings at all. The Elders tried to help, but both refused to meet with them.

    Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. After a few months of not attending meetings, John and Jenny came to their senses, and realised what their desire for a few luxuries, which really have no lasting value, could have cost them. They managed to pay off a large portion of their loan, and although they kept the items they'd bought, they no longer allowed the desire for material things to dominate their thinking. Jenny gave up her Sunday shifts, and returned to part - time work and pioneering. John still had to work full - time, but devoted as much time as possible to field service, making room for auxilliary pioneering on occasions. He was re-appointed as a Ministerial Servant, and both him and Jenny were once again joyfully serving Jehovah as well as they were able, and experiencing the happy, peaceful relationship with Him that He guarantees all His faithful followers (Phillippians 4:6,7)

    So how about you? Are you allowing the cares of this doomed system get the better of you, as John and Jenny once did? Has the desire for material things caused you to turn away from the only true source of contentment? Which master are you truly serving? (Matt 6:24) If you have turned away, even slightly, from Jehovah then, like John and Jenny, may you soon come to realise that whatever you may gain in this old system, it will pale in comparison to the benefite you can one day reap by once more cultivating a close relationship with the only true source of life and happiness, Jehovah. (Isa 43:11; Rev 21:3,4)

  • reneeisorym




    I forgot how nuts these people are.

  • Gopher

    GAG. Here's how I'd write it:


    John and Jenny (names have been made up), a married couple devoted to our religious publishing firm, decided to give up any hope of a secure future in this world for Jehovah's promise of a secure future in the next world. (heh, heh did we ever fool them).

    They took part time jobs, gave up home ownership and possibilities of pension, and lived a humble life (just like we leaders tell them they should). Some materialistic person in their congregation gave them their lone luxury, a CD player! (It must have cost 50 to 100 pounds!!)

    John got promoted to "ministerial servant" within our sad little group by being a yes-man to the elders. What a fine example of humility and service!

    After 3 years of serving the publishing company full time, Jenny slipped on the ice while peddling our literature. She couldn't keep going door-to-door, much less work. Husband John left her alone at home while he went in the ministry with other JW's who hadn't had the misfortune of slipping on ice. Jenny was bored at home, so John gave her a second-hand TV and video player. He had to work super long hours to afford even these small items. Pretty soon they found out that normal people enjoy a little TV and video recreation, so they took a loan to buy "luxuries" like a washing machine. Oh my God!

    Jenny returned to work, and a more normal life and less peddling Watchtower literature. At first, she didn't want to return to that literature-peddling lifestyle. John and Jenny even found normal things to do instead of the treadmill of constant meeting attendance.

    Fortunately, the elders wore them down and persuaded them to come back to the service of the religious publishing firm. They became convinced that the normal life they had been living would cost them their chance at everlasting life with only other members of the religious publishing firm. Now they have the illusion that they are serving God, and that God really needs them to go peddling more religious publications.

    So how about you? Are you enjoying life in this world, as John and Jenny once did? Or are you ready to slave for your "master", the Watchtower Society?

    Remember, life is better if you let the Watchtower Society dominate it and make your decisions for you.

  • megsmomma

    So...Here is the rest of the story.....

    After 6 years of it going along this way...thier "new model" washing machine broke. Their microwave was burning the tv dinners they would cook...(that was all they had time for) and Jenny got pregnant. Since they were putting the ministry first....they had no insurance. Once again John had to look for a more lucerative job. Since they had been through this before, they decieded to take a different route.

    Jenny enroled in some college courses, since she had always dreamed of having a degree. John contacted some "brothers" who owned businesses....but, no one was willing to give him any jobs with insurance. The most they would pay him was min. wage, but they would give him meeting times off. The sisters began to snub Jenny since she was pursuing a career....and the older childless ones were down right bitter acting. They would remark...."We are waiting to take care of the babies that are resurected in the New System".

    Once again, John and Jenny's meeting attendance started slacking. They could no longer pioneer...but, they were still trying to be good JW's. The congregation started to exclude them from gatherings...and Jenny got pulled in the back room for "making a showy display" of her growing belly.

    Meanwhile....Jenny met a woman in her class that seemed very friendly. Her husband ran a construction business and was more than happy to have their husbands meet. John got a job with this man....who payed good money and provided insurance. They were happy with the circumstances, but they felt so guilty and didn't know why. Then Jenny met Mouthy. She was in the grocery store and a nice lady smiled at her, and said she was "glowing". It brought her to tears and the woman asked..."Dear, what is wrong?" Jenny said..."You are the first person to be so kind...I have lots of "friends" at my church who have nothing nice to say."

    Wellll...You can figure the rest.....soon, Jenny and John saw "the truth about the truth" and their guilt was GONE! POOF! Boy were they glad they didn't spend the rest of their lives slaving for a cult.

    Ten years later....they have 3 kids....good jobs and a retirement plan!

  • dedpoet


    I like your version better, I think I'll copy it on to an email and send it to the jw who sent me the story, just for balance of course.


    Yeah, we do tend to forget what a lunatic organisation we left behind at all. I must thank my jw acquaintance for reminding me lol.


  • lawrence

    Maybe Jenny can take in laundry and make a few extra bucks from the new washing machine, while she watches sitcoms or porn. Maybe even bake cookies and sell them at the householders doors? Then she can pay off the microwave and buy some bling. These people truly are crazy ... like so many of us once were.

  • lovelylil

    Gee, they left out the part where the loving congregation of Jehovah's Witneses came by to visit Jenny while she was recovering so that she would NOT be bored and lonely. And how the congregation chipped in to buy poor Jenny a descent tv so she did not have to charge one on credit. After all poor Jenny had enough troubles will all the medical bills and all and only worked part time to put Jehovah first.

    YEAH RIGHT! The poor girl according to their own story had NO visitors and NO help financially from the congregation. This experience which is typical for JW's is actually a judgement against them in thier own words. But they are too HAUGHTY and SELF CENTERED to realize it. Lilly

  • lovelylil

    See the WT writers are not the only ones who can put their own "spin" on things. LOL Lilly

  • hamsterbait

    The Elders prolly only wanted to meet with them to push tham out of the back door so everybody could feel good about shunning them, and to cut them off from the rest of their family.


  • Warlock

    I can't believe what I just read. Other than that, I'm speechless.


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