Growing up JW

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  • startingover

    Growing up a JW, I was well aware that a lot of people didn't care for my religion, especially growing up in a strong Catholic community in the 60's. My being a JW wasn't something I advertised, especially in my school days. But that feeling was always there, that I was someone, who because of my religion, was disliked, even hated.

    I sit here thinking what it would have been like to have grown up without those feelings. It was such a big part of who I was for so long, I can't even begin to imagine what that would have been like.

    So now I'm free of all that, and what happens, I become an athiest. Another hated group. Only this time around, I'm not in any way ashamed of who I am like I was in my earlier situation, and I am more than willing to advertise it. I guess it's because this is who I really am, this is me. As a JW, I never felt that way.

    But, what must it be like to not be part of a hated group? I guess I'll never know.

  • blondie

    SO, there seems to be a lot of hate to go around today. It is even possible to be in 2 hated (prejudice) groups simultaneously.

    I am


    White (mostly)



    US citizen

    and a

    Packer fan

    (that's only 6)

    You can find people that "hate" me because of any or all of those categories.

    The important thing is that we have choice to more of a degree than when we were children and the choices are made or forced upon us.

    BTW, I don't hate atheists; I live in one of the centers of atheism.


  • truthsetsonefree
    I guess it's because this is who I really am, this is me.

    But isn't it liberating. For so many years I have tried to be "me", only to reach a seemingly impenetrable barrier. No more.


  • startingover


    Contemplating the situation, you're right. I suppose a person's geographical location has a lot to do with it. What must it have been like to be black and raised in the south not all that long ago? At least things I was disliked for could be camoflauged.


    Liberating it is. Can't imagine it any other way now.

  • MinisterAmos

    In my honest opinion 99.9% of the human race couldn't care less (or even know about) the JWs. The only persecution was in your mind.

    On the other hand, JWs are encouraged to hate the vile, vomit spewing rest of creation.

    If anyone is "persecuted" it's the JWs doing it.

  • Anony-Mouse

    Blondie, because you're female, you're automatically better than me!

  • carla

    People don't like Packers Fans? Surely you jest!

  • rolling rock
    rolling rock

    blondie Post 21775 of 21775 Quote "and a Packer fan" Now it's over...

  • rolling rock
    rolling rock

    Post 21775 of 21775
    "and a Packer fan"

  • penny2

    I don't think people hate JWs. It's more like they can't relate to JWs. The point though is, you felt hated. JWs believe that being hated is a good thing (John 15:19 "...because you are no part of the world...the world hates you"). This increases the isolation that JWs feel and is another factor which prevents them from leaving.


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