Growing up JW

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  • mia_b

    that is so true penny2!

    JWs believe that being hated is a good thing (John 15:19 "...because you are no part of the world...the world hates you"). This increases the isolation that JWs feel and is another factor which prevents them from leaving

    i was embarresed to be a witness too but when i look back i don't think people really cared that much what i was - it was just more mind control from the WTS.

  • startingover

    Looking back, I didn't come up with the idea that I was hated on my own. I think it's true now that most people could care less if you are a JW, but my parents experienced different times. My dad was a special pioneer and attempts were made to run him out of town. In the town I grew up in, my uncle and his wife were attacked at a convention. So naturally I was influenced by their talk from a young age.

  • Just as I am
    Just as I am

    I also felt despised (probably my own perception) and not liked. Kids did make fun of me for having to leave the classroom for holidays, etc. As a result, I think it created a thick skin and the "dare to be different" attitude. I homeschool my kids and even though this is a wonderful way learn and grow, it sometimes is seen as weird or bucking the system by a few people. Due to my thick skin, I really don't care what people think. I have also taught my girls that living and thinking outside the box and being different in this way is a good thing.

    Life as a JW kid was certainly not fun, but it did produce this character in me (among other things!).

  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    Startingover, you took the words right out of my head and wrote them far better than I could.

    Since quitting the evil religion, I've decided just to hate everyone, you know, to balance things out that occurred in my childhood. Of course I'm kidding, but the openness that I feel now, that I'm free to think and feel how I want is still such a new delight.

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