Sleeping during meetings

by darth frosty 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • LexWatson

    If these morons who supposedly have God's spirit, would have had age appropriate education for younger ones, we wouldn't have fallen asleep and needed to be spanked or reprimanded!!

    Of course if they had taken psychology in college they would have known about stages of human growth and developement and that children are not miniture adults and thus shouldn't be treated as such. oh..that's right...I went to college ...they did NOT!! was "I" who was marked as someone BAD to associate with simply because I wanted to make enough to support my family and the approved professions (which our congregation was saturated with) of window washers, carpet cleaners, janitorial services, and siding and window repair people did not appeal to me.

  • Kudra

    My mom would always nod off and I would gently insert my finger into her nose until she awoke with a start. :P

    That was always a good one. She would be mad but she couldn't really "get" mad at me...


  • greendawn

    I recall one or two people that almost always slept through the meetings, who can blame them, they were hard working family men, for them coming too the KH was already difficult enough. I occasionally fell asleep at assemblies they were too long and boring.

  • bubble

    I would always fall asleep during the keynote address at district and circuit assemblies. Obviously I had suffered spiritual overload by the time the keynote address came around and my brain could take it no more.

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