Sleeping during meetings

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  • Jim_TX

    Yeah... I remember getting sooooooo sleepy that I could hardly stay awake. I would try to force myself to focus on something... couldn't do it. I would finally get up and go get a drink of water at the fountain.

    My younger brother though... I remember one time - he was sitting in those awfully uncomfortable folding samsonite chairs that they bought (to replace the permanent ones with cushy seatbottoms).

    Anyway... he was sitting there elbow on the armrest - head propped in the palm of his hand... zzzzzzz. Next thing - his elbow slips off the armrest - and down he goes! I mean he went down to the floor! It made quite a racket, too!

    Soooo... he gets up - and sits back into the chair... elbow on the armrest - head propped in the palm - and off to lala land once again.

    He was about 15 or 16 - or so - when he did this one.


    Jim TX

  • Mary

    When I was a teenager, I used to sit with my best friend and her mom and dad at the Meetings. Both my friend and her dad had some sort of 'sleeping disorder' (I think the correct term is: bored-out-of-your-mind-ism) and on Sundays especially, during the talk, they'd both start nodding off. I use to write notes on a piece of paper like: WAKE UP!! ARMAGEDDON'S HERE!!" or "TED COSTYK, YOU HAVE JUST ENTERED---THE TWILIGHT ZONE" and I'd pass them to his wife who would put them on his lap so he'd see it as soon as he opened his eyes.

    We'd all sit there and try not to laugh our heads off...........heh-heh-heh......

  • mia_b
    My aunt told me a story of when I was two and had fallen asleep, after my spanking, I had to stand next to my seat until the meeting ended

    Lisa - thats just too sad! What kind of parents would do that to a TWO YEAR OLD???

    I never fell asleep much even if i wanted to - i hav to be in a bed, preferabbly my own to get any sleep. can't even doze on a sofa. when i used to look after nan at meetings i just let her sleep the meeting away

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    My dad always fell asleep at the assemblies, so did my brother. I remember one assembly in particular, my brother was sitting beside a guy he did not know, fell asleep on his shoulder and drooled!! Poor guy! He didn't come back to his seat after lunch!


  • hemp lover
    hemp lover
    My aunt told me a story of when I was two and had fallen asleep, after my spanking, I had to stand next to my seat until the meeting ended.

    This is sick and sad. (((Lisa))) Hopefully you don't remember it.

    My friends all used to be jealous of me because I could sleep without doing the head drop.

  • garybuss
  • garybuss
  • MinisterAmos

    If you ever see a BlueBird diesel pusher RV with pop-outs parked outside an assembly, don't knock because I'm either inside sleeping or watching porno movies on my 42" Plasma TV.

    Actually some of you are welcome to come right in......

  • blondie

    On 2 separate occasions I saw elders nod off during a WT study. The conductor at the time called on them and the brother stood up and started saying the closing prayer although they were only on paragraph 5.

    Sleeping is not bad; snoring is. I was sitting behind a brother would could not stop sleeping and snoring. I kept wondering who he was and what party he had been at the night before. Then he got up to give the part for the DO...yup, the DO had been the brother nodding off.

  • Gregor

    Sunday afternoon about 3:30 pm, open...sitting on a metal folding chair in my woolen meeting slacks with a necktie and jacket...I can't sit still because it feels like I am setting in an ant colony and every time I move my butt slides forward and I have to scoot back up straight...I keep looking at my Timex seems to have stopped...I look down at the floor beneath the seat in front of looks like a very comfortable place to stretch out but I know I can't do that...I am looking at the year text above the speakers head when my eyes cross and the next thing I know I am jerking my head up from a dive toward the floor...and the Watchtower study is next.

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