New Harry Potter Book Release Date!

by cathyk 13 Replies latest social entertainment

  • rowan

    neat! I had resigned myself to wait until 2008.

  • cathyk
    nerd that I am starting june 8, I will start reading book one and on up till the release of the new book.

    Darth, you're not the only one!

    Do any of you follow the major fan sites? I like and They have great podcasts, and lots of great pics and info.

    I'm also excited about the new Order of the Phoenix movie -- the clips and stills look terrific.

    Sometimes my kids think I'm a little nuts -- I'm more into it than any of them. They were the ones who got me started, so they shouldn't complain!

    Cathy Koenig

  • veradico

    Harry Potter got me in so much trouble as a Witness. I could not believe how worked up some people got over that story. I was a MS, but, when some people heard I liked Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, they marked me as someone who could be a spiritual danger. I was constantly having to defend the innocence of the human imagination. But that's rather hard to do when the people you're talking to think it's dangerous to go to yard sales because the demons like to attach themselves to old furniture.

  • cruzanheart

    I reserved two copies today: one for me and one for Big Tex. The kids will have to wait until we're done with them!

    Nina (counting the days!!!)

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