Taking the p*** out of Aussies

by winnie 10 Replies latest social humour

  • bigmouth

    Kiwi, Aussie and a South African sitting in a bar drinking.
    The South African finishes his drink, throws the glass in the air and shoots it with his gun.
    "Mate! what're ya doing??" says the Aussie.
    "We've got so much glass in South Africa we never have to drink out of the same one" he says.
    With that the Aussie throws his glass up and blasts it with his gun. "Tell you what matey", says the Aussie, " With the amount of sand we've got in Australia, we never have to drink out of the same glass either.
    The Kiwi considers these two blokes, finishes his drink, takes out his gun and shoots the Aussie and African.
    "Well, here in New Zealand we've got so many bloody Aussies and Africans we don't have to drink with the same two twice"

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