MLM Marketing Bad?

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  • breeze

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  • Mulan

    I've been in MLM since 1993, mainly with one company, but tried a few others. The main one is solid, and I make a lot of money. My main income is from sales from my website. In the late 90's I had a huge downline all over the world. I still have a large group, but nothing like it was back then.

    The money is good and the products are very good.

  • lighthouse19something

    The big questions are;

    1- does the company make products that will sell easily, or is the main used by the distributors

    2-do you have to a bunch of people downline before you make anything?

    3-are you pressured into into buying a lot of videos, tape, books etc? and are they resonibly priced?

    4- do you make any money on retail sale, or mostly off 'the polnts'

    5- do you pay sales tax on the retail price even if you buy it for yourself at wholesale

    6- co you recruit businesses such as beauty shops, health food stores, gyms etc.

    7- do you know enough peole to make it wothwhile?

  • PEC
  • breeze


    Many people have an experience in minutes after taking it!

    ROI is the best in MLM.

    CD's & DVDs are cheap, about a buck each.

    You can have customers that pay you off a retail purchase at two levels. Level 1 30% - level 2 15%.

    Your own purchases are at wholesale and don't count toward your BV, so people can't fill their garage with product to look good.

    You can seel to whomever you choose, it is better to stay on an individual basis, but many set up corporations.

    You should make list of aquaintances etc. before beginning, most people can make it with help from their upline to make $500.00-$600.00 a month and then you need to be creative. My list is very large and I do improptu contacts also.


  • lighthouse19something

    Breeze, what I was asking was- Can you recruit businesses that are in a position to do one on one sales such as barbers, chiropracters etc. For example, Amway-Quixtar does not allow their distributors to 'display' their line in public view at businesses

  • breeze

    Sorry for the delay.......................

    Yes, we have many chiropractors in the business now.....

    And there is a retail price for the products so if you wanted to retail you could.


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