MLM Marketing Bad?

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  • breeze

    I am in a multi-level marketing program that seems very legite. It is anti-aging products. I began because it starting helping my feet, now it is having many effects on me. I am much calmer and I can cope with the stress in my life better.

    Tell me what you think. It is available in the US & Korea for now, soon in Austraila.

    I am begining to make quite a bit of money with it I might add?

    Visit also.


  • Crumpet

    anti aging products - I always thought that they are just skin creams? How would that make you feel calmer?

    Incidentally if your company has a good alternative to Botox injections I'd be interested!

  • Satanus

    In your own words, can you give a quick rundown of what it is and what it does? Try to avoid company phrases like 'it does exactly what the company claims'. Thanks.


  • breeze

    They say that aging is the problem and the products address that issue mostly. It has an ORAC rating of 4500. ORAC is a way of measuring the antioxidants in any consumable, veggies or products of any kind.

    So the ingredients have a massive protection for all parts of the body. We have had people say that it has helped them many different ways. My experience was first with me feet and now I am having extra energy and a calm feeling that is awesome.

    1-877-627-4716 is an overview of one of their main products.

    I hope this helps more.


  • Effervescent

    I would just say be very very careful of any MLM program and be sure to keep your eyes wide open for problems. Many many people have made loads of money in MLMs, but many have done it on the credit card debt of others beneath them. Some (I would even say many) MLMs are outright dishonest in their claims of success and forcasts of "fortune". I've seen others that border on (if are not fully engulfed in) cult-think.

    But ya know? If the product really helps you and you can make a few extra bucks without getting sucked into any mind and money games, then why the heck not? Just maybe do some research online about the company, and don't be afraid to listen to nay-sayers or former Consultants/Distributers. They may be able to tell you the real inside scoop.

  • JWdaughter

    I can think of several different MLM PRODUCTS that are fine. It is the MLM part that makes people unhappy. The way it is set up seems wrong and often is-when those promoting it are merely making tons of money for the manufacturer hoping that enough people downline from them will eventually make some money to support them. Mostly the only people who really make money are those who got in early. Melaluca, Body Shop, Mary Kay, Amway-all have some excellent products, but they cost more than similar products on the market because of all the people that it goes through. I would rather find an =/+ product that I am paying a reasonable price for. However, if money was no object, I would probably buy Mary Kay skin products. Thats just my opinion.

  • Effervescent
    It is the MLM part that makes people unhappy

    Yes, exactly... you said it much better than I did!

    I'm also a fan of quite a few Mary Kay products. Especially the Domain mens body wash/shampoo... makes my husband all yummy smelling! But a lot of the products are a little spendy, especially if you're use to department store brands, and they tend to change or discontinue your favorite products constantly. I don't know how much of a problem that is in other MLMs.

  • tall penguin
  • PEC

    Here is some information about Univera LifeSciences.


  • breeze

    This is great input....Thanks....

    The quixtar blog doesn't do any research. A simple phone call to the company would solve the questions about Univera. Oasis is changing it's name in order to make an international move soon. The Univera name is very new. The Oasis name had conflicts in several countries.

    As far as Derek Halls position or title with Univera, that seems to be very unimportant to the overall concern about the company and their products. I will follow this up and ask about it.

    The 'Bark at the hole', is more interesting, but pretty old news. The book Cherniske wrote about caffiene was in 1998. Their questions about Stephens education are a concern. I don't know his entire resume. He has written two books since, "The DHEA Breakthrough" and "The Metabolic Plan". Both were on the bestsellers list for a short time. Cherniski is a rock star type biochemist and is certainly a c onvincing figure. Just go to some of the recordings on their site and listen to him.

    MLM's business model isn't that much different than any model. The main exception is that all members have an equal opportunity to make profits. The old arguement that only the people at the top make money in MLM doesn't hold water. All products and companies run out of prospects and have an end, nothing last forever. I am concerned about the people under me left with credit card debt, but everyone isn't going to make a success of it and there is no way to stop that from happening. Businesses go bankrupt everyday and peoples financial lives are affected.


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