please send prayers my way

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  • onlycurious

    My daughter was very sick 1 1/2 yrs ago with Mono and Pneumonia at the same time. We didn't know what was wrong and she was losing weight fast. Scared me.

    I went out and bought the Ensure drinks and she put weight on quickly.

    Maybe you can add it to ice cream and feed her cold milkshakes...she doesn't have to know it's Ensure.

  • junctions-wife

    She ate some toast this morning. She is sleeping right now. She said that she is feeling alittle bit better today all except for the headache. Thank you to everyone for the kind words.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    (((junctions-wife))) sending some good thoughts for you and your gran.

    It's good she's managed to eat a little today, sometimes just not eating can make you feel more ill. As a meal suggestion, how about some stew - veggies, some pearl barley maybe plus a little meat but liquidise it - that way she'll get the nutrients. Since she ate some toast this morning, maybe she could try dipping bread in the stew also?

    Has she been to see the doc? She may need her meds adjusting for a while until the Crohn's settles if that is making her unwell.

  • mama1119

    I am sorry about your Grandmother. We have Chrons disease in our family. You need to get her to drink pure Aloe Vera juice, you won't believe the difference. I agree that she needs some kind of protien drink as well, can you get her to drink just plain milk and add some whey protien to it??? Have you tried any appetite increasing herbs, like fenugreek or fennel?? That might help.

    PS. The Aloe has to be pure, not mixed with anything else, 100% no sweetner etc...

  • junctions-wife

    I don't think the Crohn's is what making her sick this time, I think it is the flu. She said that food just doesn't taste good to her. I am going to try some more chicken noodle soup for lunch. even she just drink the broth with some crackers. and maybe some yogurt, she likes yogurt.

    thanks everyone


  • Junction-Guy

    Amanda, I will keep her in my prayers. I hope she can regain her appetite quickly. Tell her I asked about her, and say hello to Barry and Nancy. Dave

  • Junction-Guy

    I just got off the phone with Amanda and she says her Grandma is doing better, and has eaten some chicken soup. I will still keep her in my prayers.

  • truthsearcher

    Do you have access to a juicer for making fresh juice? You should probably cut it with water, but maybe carrot, apple, celery would give her some energy and good vitamins too. I don't know if that would bother the Crohn's or not...

  • mouthy

    can't lose her I would go off the deep end.

    Amanda...I too am so sorry to hear of Grammie suffering.I hope she eats and regains her strength. But what worried me is the above quote.... Sounds to me like Grammie has done a lot of suffering in her long years, maybe she would LIKE rest from the suffering so keep in mind that she will die one day & you will be here to carry on her legacy of strength... Dont dare say you will go off the deep end. Sorry to pour cold water on the subject... But I am nearly 80 have also had much pain all my days, & though I am still going on. I KNOW the promise of GOD is there is a time that we will have no tears, no pain, no suffering.... So just keep on in prayer HIS WILL BE DONE!!!! Love you ((((HUG)))

  • freedomloverr

    so sorry to hear about your grandma...I have an awesome one like that also.

    I would go get her some *vitamin water* - it's the healthy version of gatorade. It will keep her hydrated and has electrolytes in it. You can get it at health food stores and I would pick up a bottle of *trace mineral drops* there also. they supply every mineral your body needs if you are sick or in danger of becoming dehydrated. you can add just a few drops to the vitamin water. they are very salty tasting so you don't need more than a few drops.

    usually after you get something like that in a body, appetite will return shortly after that.

    hope this helps even just a little bit!


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