The Watchtower Official Page of Hypocrisy

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  • Vinny

    This link is directly from the "official" Watchtower website. It's a short reading.

    Now, imagine somebody trying to apply this very same advice to their own Jehovah's Witness faith. Quite simply; You can't. You would be expelled. I have seen many examples of double standards with the JW organization, but this one may very well be one of the most blatant cases I can remember.

    Just a few *highlights* below from this article.

    "Education shows you how to think. Propaganda tells you WHAT to think."

    "Solomon, a king and educator in ancient times, warned: "Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word, but the shrewd one considers his steps." (Proverbs 14:15) So we need to be selective. We need to scrutinize whatever is presented to us, deciding what to accept and what to reject." ... (the thud you heard was when I fell out of my chair)...

    "Moreover, if we want to be fair-minded, we must be willing to subject our own opinions to continual testing as we take in new information. We must realize that they are, after all, opinio

    (Another favorite)...
    "Also, if possible, try to check the track record of those speaking. Are they known to speak the truth?

    (This one really takes the cake!)
    "Do not just follow the crowd: If you realize that what everybody thinks is not necessarily correct, you can find the strength to think differently.

    I did not makes this up. It's from their own website. Amazing.

  • Vinny
  • Abandoned

    Ha ha ha! Jesus said to do what they say but now what they do.... I guess this is what he was talking about....

  • OnTheWayOut

    That link is from an Awake article. I wonder who was asleep
    at the GB when they should have screened that gem.

    It can easily be applied to dubs and the WTS, but the average
    JW won't apply it.

    IF I WAS TRYING TO WIN ARGUMENTS, it would be great
    material to show to the elders. What's the point in trying
    to win arguments with mind-controlled followers of Chicken Little?

  • Stealth453

    Typical Watchliar double-speak. Do as we say, or we'll kick your a$$ out the door.

  • Vinny

    Actually I found this one year ago when I was still in. I was doing my own research on the organization at that particular time though. Finding that page was a definite nail in the WT coffin for my wife and I. How can one try to justify such a blatant case of hypocrisy as this? Certainly God could be expected to do better than this if He had one religious institution.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I have tried to get my wife to look at those pages.

    She will not look at them.

    Her cult tells her not to look at anything that opposers try to show her.

    She applies that even to her own Organisation's website.


  • Vinny

    Amazing, aint it Chris? From their OWN "official" JW site too...


  • Gill

    Great site, Vinny! Hypocrisy at its best. It is when you read such Witchtower material that you realise what a lost cause the wTBTS really is!

    I vividly remember trying to show my mum some information on the WTBTS and she literally RAN away from covering her ears. I chased her......what the hell, for the fun of it!!!!! She was absolutely adamant that she would NOT read what I was trying to show her.....but by then I was laughing too much to care anyway.!

  • vitty

    This post is definately being book marked !!!!!!!!!

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