I was robbed because I don't serve Jehovah...Yeah Right!

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  • LynnTink

    Once again I am shocked. You would think I would be usted to it by now. Wait til you hear this one.

    Last week on Christmas Day someone broke into to my house and stole everything we owned except our clothes and furniture. I mean everything computers, game systems, stereos, jewelry, guitars etc etc. I waited and called my parents until they were back in town. Well, I told my dad and he was just in shock. Then about an hour later my mom calls the first thing out of her mouth is if you would not let worldly people around your kids this would not have happened. Not one word of concern for us at all. I tried reasoning with her that my friends were loyal and came right over when I told them what happened. She still went on and on. I finally interupted her and said "I love you too". Her reply was "I doubt it". Then I lost it I told her "Someone has just stolen everything I own thousands of dollars worth and my biggest concern is that they got your engagement because it is yours and it means so much to me and I can never replace it." She still did not get it. So, "I told her you do not have clue and talking to you is upsetting me I have to go" and I hung up. I called my dad later and he had no ideal what had happened she was in the background still going off. I told him to tell her it is because of judgemental people like her is the reason I will never step foot in another Kingdom Hall. Of course she played the victim part real well and saying there is something wrong with my thinking. The police already a few subspect and of course they are not any of my friends. A few places got hit including some major stores in town.

    I will admit I have felt a little guilty because this is the first time I have ever celebrated Christmas, tree and all. But I do not want anything to do with being a JW. My friends said they can see going down hill fast and I can not afford to do that because of my boys. This has set me back seeing my kids hurt once again, spiritually, mentally exhausted and of course financially.

    I need some positive support.

  • mrsjones5

    You're right, this had nothing to do with whether you're a jw or not. Robbery happens to jws and non/exjws alike.

    My parents have the same attitude when bad things happen to me like being a jw is some sort of protection...it's not.

    Hang in there hon, so sorry this happened to you and your kids.


  • blondie

    So what about your mother's "worldly" neighbors and their family and friends? Hmmmmm......

    Don't let that kind of reasoning get you down. If she wasn't using it in a WT context, it would be in some other context.

    So JWs never get robbed? And if they do it is because they have sinned? Bad things only happen to sinners.

    Time and foreseen occurrence befall us all.

    It sounds like your dad thinks straighter.

    Love, Blondie

  • zagor

    Sorry to hear that. I've had mine place broken into a while back. While they took lots of valuables the hardest to deal with were items of sentimental value that nothing could replace. First few days are the hardest do deal with but after that you'll start feeling better. As hard as it is, life has to go on. Though if those people have broken into several places, I'd say they have pretty big baggage to carry, I don't think they can hide all of that, that easy. I'd say police must already suspect who is behind it and you could get some if not all of that back before you know it.

    As for you mom, I'd tell her -> Isn't it interesting that I've got robbed for not serving watchtower while your borhers and sisters in Malawi got robbed, raped, pillaged, killed for actually doing that very thing. Funny ol' world, ain't it?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi LynnTink,

    I am so sorry to hear that, and I hope you get your property back soon.

    It is so typical of jws to blame ex jws personal disasters on the fact that they are no longer in the org. It's foolish to think that way, as thieves don't tend to worry too much about the religious affiliation of their victims.

  • Ingenuous

    So sorry. I'll probably hear something similar from my parents one of these days. It's not fair, dealing with your material loss and having to be the adult in the relationship with your mother.

  • jinjam

    So sorry, i would of thought she would be more worried about you and your kids,but hey my moms the same, a nutter!

    keep your head up and try not to give her reaction too much thought( i know its not easy, but just try)
    all the best!!!!!

  • love2Bworldly

    Sorry about your house--that is terrible.

    The JWs would have said the Devil was testing you if you were an active JW, so they always have to spout something just for something to say.

  • Quandry

    Sooooo sorry!!!! Bad things do happen to good people!!! Chin up. I know your kids understand. The good thing is you and your children are unharmed. Everything else can be replaced. Give them an extra hug, and keep them close.

    Mom is just upset and the first thing that came to mind is her fear that you are not under "Jehovah's protective wings." This was just her first reaction. Of course, she probably locks her door when she leaves the house, knowing that this could happen to her, also.

    It is sad that there are people out there who would take what we have with no qualms. Sigh........

  • lfcviking

    Deep sympathies for you 'LynnTink' and as 'mrsjones' said this could have happened to anyone, anywhere at anytime. But i think at Christmas time there may be a special effort by thieves on this day because they are well aware of the plentiful booty in the neigbourhood.


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