How to get a scriptual divorce?

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  • kwintestal

    Well if they're going to allow him to get married in the KH ... they are allowing the wedding and can't DF him for doing something they've allowed to take place and even participated in doing.

    I don't see what the issue is? Are you trying to stop the wedding?


  • NewYork44M

    To validate that someone is scripturally free the elders may be satified with a letter or phone call from the other mate.

    Would your mother agree to writing a brief letter or contacting the elders notifying them that your father is free to marry?

  • BluesBrother

    J W's strictly obey the scripture Matt. 5.31-32 No divorce "except on account of fornication"...

    If one lives in country where no divorce is ever allowed for any reason, you may get approval for a common law arrangement , if you can convince the elders that your ex has committed fornication.

    If I read it right, your father wants a divorce that would allow his zealous dub new partner to marry him?

    he can , wait and hope that ex wife does him a favour by taking a new man?

    Seduce his new partner, so his first marriage is broken and ex wife divorces him. Then throw themselves on the mercy of the congo..?

    explore the variations on a theme of "fornication" which is not entirely the same as adultery?

    Make up with the ex? make up his mind to be celibate? Forget it and look for another partner? BTW If he is not a true believer

    is , then the relationship is very difficult.

  • Seeker4

    The JWs have your Dad by the balls, so to speak. He does not have a scriptural divorce, and can actually be disfellowshipped for even dating this woman!

    I have a friend that this happened to. They got disfellowshipped because they refused to stop seeing each other, then they married and tried to get reinstated and the elders gave them a really hard time about that. Took them years to get back in.

    Of course this doesn't make any sense - it's the JW way!

    Of course, he could live celibate, stop seeing the woman and marry her after his wife dies, or in the New System, or.... Insane, ain't it!


  • metatron

    Here's how you get a "scriptural" divorce, JW style:

    Have your dad get your mom all angry and upset. Then, immediately have him have sex with somebody else

    ( a hooker, if no one else is available), then have him call your mom and "confess" his adultery.

    If she slams down the phone and gets angry, he then immediately goes to one of the elders to confess his

    sin and tell them how sorry he is to be "overcome with sin". Finally, after a day or two, he tells the elder

    that his wife "has not forgiven him".

    Thus, the marriage is over. This scheme has been known to work.


  • avidbiblereader

    Only if the innocent mate is unwilling to forgive and then files for the divorce. Seen it work both ways depending on your motive, but you can't fool God either way.


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