Fred and Ray on Door-to-Door: the Truth

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  • Kenneson

    It's obvious that at first the apostles and the 70 sought out the Jews only. This they would have done just like their master did, in the synagogues. With contacts here, they would have obtained lodging and were to stay in that house or town until they were rejected or until they went somewhere else. Going to each and every door would have meant the possibility of encountering the Gentiles, whom they were told not to preach to. It is only later that they also preach to the Gentiles. But, it was also possible to meet not only Jews but Gentiles in the synagogues ,as the Book of Acts portrays them in attendance as well. When the synagogues were denied to them, the early Christians met in other public places or in private homes., which were house churches. But, I nowhere read of Paul going first to someone's door and converting them there and then going to next door and converting them, etc. The conversion always occurs somewhere else (in synagogues or public areas).

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    It's the same kind of jockeying for position as a fomer elder had described to me. He told me that during discussions, it was always up in the air as to who would side with you on any given day. Here Ray had obviously reseached the material and was interested in presenting scriptual fact. Fred had his own opinion based on a whim and the rest of the ass kissers went along with it. Unfortunately, this sort of controversy regardin Ray's facts and Fred's whims marked Ray for later execution.

    Ya know I need to read his books.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    What will you be doing Tuesday night - watching television?

  • NewYork44M

    Isn't American Idol on Tuesday night. Maybe that is the reason they canceled the meeting.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The materials that Ray had prepared were given only a cursory glance, and a vote was taken - thirteen in favor, four not in favor - wherein the position was maintained that door-to-door activity is indeed supported by the aforementioned NT texts.

    I know this point isn't why the thread was revived, but what do you think the rank and file
    would actually think (No jokes about the oxymoronic statement) if they knew that their
    precious door-to-door activity which makes them the only true Christians was voted on?
    And that only by a margin of 13-to-4, it was decided that the scriptures support the work?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, New York and OTWO, for your comments.

    If I'm not mistaken, it was in Locke's AGE OF REASON that I read of a vote taken at the Council of Nicea regarding what was to comprise the Bible canon. What a fine precedent! Given your question, OTWO, vis-a-vis the JW's reaction to such a secular and legalistic handling of matters holy, I presume the truth would scarcely dent their cranial lobes. IMHO, naturellement ...

    Gratitude and warm thoughts,

    CoCo, Non Historian

  • VoidEater

    What will they do now? I wonder...


    AP - Urban City, Yourstate

    Several groups of up to twenty people were reported Thursday night to be listlessly walking through the suburbs.

    "It was like they didn't quite know what to do with themselves...once in a while an individual would wander a few steps away from the pack, pick at a leaf or a blade of grass, then join back up as the people walked on," reported Amy Green, a long time resident. "Occasionally they looked down at their empty hands as if reading something, and once in a while one of their hands popped up like they were waiting to be called on in a classroom."

    When interviews with the groups were attempted, most stared without seeming to focus on anything, and a few could be heard to mumble something that sounded like, "When you...keep your eyes...on the prize."

    One person did respond, giving an indication of where the groups had come from. When asked if he was looking for something or someone, he answered, "Have you ever wondered why God allows suffering to go on in the world?" and offered this reporter a copy of the Watchtower magazine, a publication of the Jehovah Witnesses.

    As of Friday morning, it was still unclear what may have caused "packs" of Jehovah Witnesses to walk around, though several theories have been advanced.

    "They're souls have finally dried up and blown away," said Ignatz Kravitz, a tourist from Czechoslovakia who happaned to be in Urban City during the event. His wife, Erminia, quickly added, "Oh, I don't think so, I think they're just a little dazed from being so close to God."

    Whatever the reason, by ten o'clock P.M. the groups had mostly dispersed following a hearty, "Amen!"

    In a related matter, Police are looking into the mysterious appearance of over two thousand books entitled, "Revelation, It's Grand Climax at Hand" at a Starbucks location about the same time the "wanderers" (as they've come to be known) started appearing. "Most of these books look hardly read, though there are some copies with every word underlined or highlighted," said Officer Terrence McGee. "If we don't find the owner, we'll have to eventually put them up for auction or try to sell them in the next library sale."

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Incredible, VoidEater:

    I come from having viewed several Ray Bradbury episodes:

    "The Town Where No One Got Off"

    "The Coffin"

    "The Small Assassin"

    "The Man Upstairs"

    Yours of the derelict wanderers belongs up there. It may be prophetic ...

    Many thanks,


  • VoidEater

    Unrelated: CoCo, was The Martian part of the Ray Bradbury theater series? I always felt like The Martian, molding my appearance to congregational expectations...

  • BabaYaga

    Wow, this is good stuff, thanks, CoCo... marked for reference

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