JWs in Field Service Today--Christmas.

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  • winnie

    I remember my parents making me go in fs one christmas day. It fell on a saturday as I recall. Hated every minute of it, but 'placed' 2 of those Jesus books. My impression was that people felt sorry for me. I felt so uncomfortable about invading peoples privacy, not to mention the embarressment of it all, that I 'fell sick' each christmas week to avoid it.

  • Blueblades

    We hated it, went anyway because of pressure from the Elders. We used The Greatest Man Book, and The Watchtower. We did not agree with going door to door on Christmas. We couldn't wait for one hour to be up. Same with New Years. I know that the local Elders at the time took off on some bogus assignment and left us in the territory to our selves.


  • tijkmo

    traditionally there was fs arranged on christmas day in scotland..as service ocerseer i would arrange it.and response was no different from any other day, either from householders or from congregation members inc pioneers and elders alike..

    nothing arranged for new years day in scotland...no point considering the ammount of drink consumed the night before..again householders pioneers elders inc..haha

    i used to go play golf instead..cos the courses were not open and you could go play the best ones for free that you wouldnt get on at any other time of year.

    scotland is like florida at this time of year.........not

  • done4good

    I refused to go out on any holiday.


  • JH

    I think that the JW's here didn't go out on Christmas day.

    But they did on New Years day and Easter.

  • mcsemike

    I went out when I was a new book study conductor because I had to take my group out, and there would always be a few die-hards. But I thought it in bad taste and useless. No one bought the "let's think about what Jesus is doing today since you are celebrating his birth now" sound bite. I stopped after a year or two. No JW I know ever got anywhere on Christmas.

    An abuse victim posted today on Silent Lambs that JW's came to her door on Christmas and she pinned the JW down about child abuse. The response makes her post worth reading.

    In the end, nearly all people know Christmas isn't exactly accurate in some respects, whether it's the date, the commercialization, or whatever. But most people are good people and trying to be extra nice one day out of the year. They don't want the mood ruined by being told they are wrong and if the JW continues, it being implied that they will die at Armageddon even MORE for celebrating Christmas than if they hadn't. I think JW's should give themselves a day off and stay home.

  • Deleted

    I went once. I was with a brother who should have been locked up for being overzealous. We were invited in, they thought we were guests for a Xmas open house. It was excruciatingly embarassing, for everyone but the overzealous brother.

  • Highlander

    I remember as I child having to go out in 'field service' during the holidays. Mom always dragged us into it, so we didn't have much of a choice until we were older.

    Fortunately we didn't have to preach every holiday as dad began arranging family ski trips up to northern minnesota. I do love him for that, it made us feel more normal during

    the holidays.

    When I was out preaching during christmas morning, I was very embarassed, moreso than preaching during the non-holiday times. Even as child I knew how much we were

    intruding upon peoples lives during these special occasions.

    Thank goodness I grew up, developed a brain and quit this mess!!!

  • steve2

    I think it can be safely concluded that the majority of JWs do not preach door-to-door on Christmas day. The few who do stand out as exceptions to the rule. In fact, judging by their latest service report (February 1st 2007 Watchtower), the level of door-knocking is declining in general.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    danny haszard; thanks for this article. i called the reporter MR.steven vegh at 757 446 2417. hell of a nice guy. seems he didn't know much about jw's. so i gave him a little lesson. he sounded surprised how i made the elders comments null and void. just told him about the basic wt doctrine. and how jesus choose the wt in 1914 and all else were to die. he admitted he has recieved other calls etc. and might not do another article on jw's till he did more research. now's the time to call . alittle push with some help and his next article . may have a whole different light ... john

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