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  • hillary_step

    Robert King posted on this Board for a number of years as 'You Know'. He continually covered our screens with vitriolic spittle at our 'apostate' stance and preached, without compromise, loyalty to the WTS. 'Slithering apostates' were not to be tolerated by those loyal to the WTS.

    Many of us frequently took apart his theological rantings when the mood took us, and I was not the only one who frequently pointed out that in actual fact he was more 'apostate' in his beliefs than those he condemned without mercy. I suggested to him quite frequently that he would soon be disfellowshipped for his views and he would virtually belch his spleen through his left ear in reaction.

    He was amusing and intelligent in a psychotic sort of way and bought a lot of traffic to the Board when he posted one of his delusional threads, such as declaring the end of the world as we know it when we went into a new millenium.

    One of his greatest fears was atheism. He seemed reserve his most damning insults for the atheists who posted on the Board. I think he would have treated a UPS delivery man that he caught in bed with his wife with more sympathy. The problem is that like most JW apologists he always refused to debate this subject, preferring to immerse himself to the gills in some obscure microscopic semanticism in the book of Daniel, or quoting endlessly from the pages of another psychotic lunatic, his hero, Rush Limbaugh. From DJ to degenerate, Limbaugh's life could amost reflect Robert's theological path as viewed by those who were really faithful to the WTS.


  • freyd

    AFTER HIS LATEST PURGE I HEARD THIS MORNING THAT 17 HAVE LEFT. QUOTE: "From time to time it is necessary to remind members of e-jehovahs-witnesses discussion board of the site's guidelines. This site will often differ from the "official" Watchtower's position on Bible prophecy as it relates to Jehovah's Witnesses. This includes the teachings regarding 1914, the coming of Jesus, the captivity to Babylon, and similar prophetical views. However, that does not mean that the board owner has rejected the accurate teachings, such as (but not limited to) the New Covenant involving and being limited to the 144,000 anointed Christians from among mankind, the heavenly hope of the anointed, an in-gathering to Jehovah's organization of the "Great Crowd," and similar Bible-based Truths. Questioning or encouraging others to reject these Bible truths is disallowed." Obviously, this guideline has not been strictly enforced by the board moderators. That is going to change. From now on discussions advocating contrary views to the above mentioned doctrines will no longer be allowed. Here is another quote from the forum Guidelines: "If you do not share our faith as Jehovah's Witnesses and or belong to a non-Witness group, you are still allowed to participate on this Discussion Board, so long as you are not here to undermine our faith as Jehovah's Witnesses." It is apparent that many posters here no longer share the basic beliefs of the Watchtower Society and are endeavoring to undermine the faith of Jehovah's Witnesses by advocating beliefs that are substantially no different than Christendom's. In the 1st century Paul warned of those in Crete who were subverting the faith of entire households by their teachings and Paul said that they ought to have their mouths shut. I am going to apply the apostle's advice to this forum and begin suspending (without further warning) the accounts of those in violation of the Site Guidelines. Furthermore, the site's moderation policy is not open to discussion. Lips sealed" Watchman

  • uninformed

    Hi Justitia,

    I was proud of you when I went back over there and saw your post regarding the theft of Leolias work by trustjah! Good Job. Are you going to the refugee Cafe with some of us? I hope so.

    So many of you have a lot of experience with Robert that I don't have, and I appreciate and accept your statements.

    I think Serendipity has it about right. Most over there reject RK's personal teachings, but some of course accept them. What I liked about the site was that it seemed to be a "baby step" away from the Organization. Lots of people are unable the take a huge 'jump' away from the borg, but once they found the EW site, they felt safe and secure that the site was "promoting" the organization.

    That provided a lot of opportunity for them to see some of the 'truth about the truth' and begin their stroll away from the WT. I regret not being able to be there and help them in their walk AWAY.

    This board, while it has the most scholarly approach, and some of the smartest people that I have ever seen, is quite challenging to the dissonance of the newly disenchanted Witnesses.

    Over there, EW, it was like being at a baby-sitters house, over here, it is like being a kindergartner being put out in the middle of I-95 in rush hour. I hope some of you know what I am trying to say.

    I think the number that have left has approached 35, maybe even 40.

    Glad to be here too.


  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    I was proud of you when I went back over there and saw your post regarding the theft of Leolias work by trustjah!

    Dear Brant:

    I do not support intellectual dishonesty. Many things are not within my span of control to correct; this one happened to be, so I felt it my duty. I'm not that great Brant...trust me on this one!

    As for me, I do not identify myself by any board. I visit many, and I will continue to do so in the future.

    Love always,


  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    I lurked at Paradise Cafe for quite a while. I found it less threatening then this board in that watchman wasn't df'd at the time so I thought I could always justify that I wasn't really associating with apostates (even though I knew full well that he was apostate in views and it was only a matter of time before he got the axe). It's amazing how we delude ourselves, isn't it?

    The other reason I found his board less threatening then this one is that I was still in my "I believe there are many things wrong with the WTBTS but there are also lots of good things about being a witness and lots of good witnesses too" phase. I stil believe the part about there being many good people in the witnesses but I'm so over the thinking there is anything good about the WTBTS. (thanks to you guys here on JWD )

    Anyway, I stopped lurking there because, even though watchman was pointing out lots of inconsistencies in the WTBTS teachings, he was replacing them with his own versions that didn't seem to have much more logic or credibility to them. Well, "freedom of speech", I thought. Not doing anyone any harm. However, then I noticed, when some posters took exception to WTBTS policies on blood etc, which was not a policy that he was against, he had them all banned from the board. There was no debate. They were only allowed to discuss what he allowed them to discuss or they would be disfellowshipped from the cafe. WTF? "How is this any different than what the WTBTS does", I asked myself? So, I de-lurked myself.

    I'm getting better at my cult-spotting skills. It took me forty years to realize I was in a cult the first time, and only about 40 days to recognize watchman was just another cult wannabe leader.


    ps Their morning text discussion and love bombing sessions with each other were also truly barfable!

  • yaddayadda

    E-watchman: "However, that does not mean that the board owner has rejected the accurate teachings, such as (but not limited to) the New Covenant involving and being limited to the 144,000 anointed Christians from among mankind, the heavenly hope of the anointed, an in-gathering to Jehovah's organization of the "Great Crowd," and similar Bible-based Truths."

    How ridiculous. There is absolutely no compelling reason to suppose that the heavingly calling is limited to literally 144,000. The Society's argument for this is not very strong. Robert King must surely be aware of the compelling arguments against such an interpretation.

    And what on earth does he mean "an in-gathering to Jehovah's organization of the "Great Crowd,"..." Doesn't he preach that the Watchtower Society is going to collapse, actually be removed by Jehovah as discipline for its sins? So what on earth is this 'organisation' that the 'great crowd' is going to be gathered into? There won't be any 'organisation' left to run to during the great tribulation if his doomsday interpretations about what shortly lies ahead for the world come true.

    In any event he's ripped most of his ideas off from Don Burney of the YORRWW congregation, or whatever they call themselves. He denies ever having read Burney's book 'The Report' but he clearly stumbled across them when browsing old ex-jw www forum's (eg, H20?) that Burney used to post on.

  • becca1

    IMO e-watchman is a very creepy site. I think Robert is an egomaniac and suffers delusions of grandeur. I truly believe he needs professional help.

  • Leolaia

    Okay, check this out....now you need to log in to even view the board....this just happened today. And my account seems to have been suspended, I can't even log in to see the thread that stole my work w/o credit, or to see if Justitia's thread got any responses (and I've only logged in once with the account, just to read). Can someone do this for me? I seem to no longer have any access.


    Cranky Toe..Read "You Know`s" posts on this board..He is intellectualy cruel..He Enjoys it..He is weak...OUTLAW

  • rassillon

    I don't see how people can hang arround that site if they don't follow old Bobby. The dishonesty of the board management is disgusting. I had only posted a few times and didn't really get to know anyone very well over there, If I had I would had invited them over here and If JWD didn't exist I would have created a Yahoo or MSN message board just to have FREE conversations. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to stay over there this long unless they in some way believe what Robert Queen says about himself.

    Well, that is just my opinion.

    Leolaia, I hope you find out whether or not you got your credit. You certainly are a huge benifit to this board and appreciate your insite and honesty. Funny thing how that site just can't exist with free thought and how things over here effect the little dictator RK. He MUST have control, that is why he stays away from here. Bunch of damn liars.

    I sure would like to meet RK in person.....I think I would woop 'em just for the heck of it. [insert crazed laughter here]

    His little ex-disciple ThirdWitness, I would woop him, but good, for sure if I met him.....damn disingenuine tard.

    I shouldn't rant so much.


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