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  • uninformed


    Again you astound me. Not only do you write an amazint post, but you managed to catch TrustJah stealing it from you. If I could still post over there, I would bring that to the DB attention.

    Outlaw, I am sure that you have your rights to be angry at RK, and I am not too happy with him myself, but you need to kind of 'let go' a little. He's not that big of a deal to carry around intense anger.



    Uninformed..It`s not intense anger,it`s just an observation..The guy is a nutcase..He claims he saw demons while on LSD,thats why he believes they exsist..Theres not much point in being angry with the insane............Leolaia..Your one of the better writers here,you kicked 3rd Witness`s ass all over the board.He`s one of the best they had there.He`s a fool..The one who stole your work is a cheat and a liar..They do have a nice group over there..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • proplog2

    When I get time - one of the things on my list is to shred watchmans claims. He makes serious errors.

  • serendipity

    E watchman is a safe place for troubled JWs to share their doubts and concerns with a group of people that still accepts many of the WTS' basic doctrines. It serves a valuable purpose. Despite appearances, most do not look to Robert as a prophet or as a leader, but instead appreciate his insights.

  • Blueblades

    E - Watchman gets all his information from a book that is not inspired of God. It's a historical book written and re - written handed down by word of mouth , oral tradions, etc. So, its hearsay info to say the least. All his babbling and interpretations are no different than what the Watchtower has claimed over the years, just with a different spin.


  • Abandoned
    They give apostates a bad name !!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the LAUGH, I needed it.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis


    I copied your post regarding TrustJah on the E-JW DB. I tried to PM TrustJah to alert him/her and allow for a response; however, TrustJah's mail box is either full or disabled.


    P.S. Hello Brandt.

  • Leolaia

    Thanks, Justitia. :)


    Serendipity..There is no doubt he can be intellegent..Read some of his threads here..Stupid people cannot twist truth with that much ease..He is also cruel..He enjoys it...OUTLAW

  • crankytoe

    OUTLAW, are talking about E-Watchman? You think he's cruel? That's interesting, what gave you that impression?

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