For Sale: Magic Sandwich

by Coded Logic 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • cantleave

    I don't believe in your magic sandwich. My mysterious tortilla is the true cancer cure, it is even endorsed by Jebuz....


  • scary21

    I am laughing so hard

  • sir82
    Will you produce a video with a singing sandwich bag?
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Questions from the Readers:


    Can I choose the ingredients in my own magic sandwich? Is there any room for individuality at all?


    We offer a diverse amount of selections with the Magic Sandwich. Some choose to have water with their Magic Sandwich. While others try H20. And many of the younger ones today enjoy their Magic Sandwiches with dihydrogen-oxide. There is no end to the tasty selections we offer with the Magic Sandwich.


    I had a friend who tried a magic sandwich but when he took a bite he found it to be totally . . . filling. In fact . . . it cure(d) him . . . (from) sickness!


    This is the experience of millions today. Not only does the Magic Sandwich satiate your hunger - it also cures you of cancer! What a truly happy group of people the Magic Sandwich eaters are.


    I am gluten intolerant. Is there a Magic Sandwich for an honest-hearted person like myself?

    - Great Teacher

    Many in the past were weighed down by the evils of this world like "gluten intolerance" and "peanut allergies" but, having consumed the Magic Sandwich, the Magic Sandwich eaters have made themselves clean. Surely an honest-hearted person like yourself, after receiving this lifesaving gift, would not choose to complain and mutter about any minor discomforts one might experience after eating the Magic Sandwich.

    Will you produce a video with a singing sandwich bag?


    Today, there are many "false marketers" and "misleading advertisers" who seek to separate you from your money by making bold claims and slick content. But, all too often, people are disappointed after they purchase these "miracle" cures. Unlike these deceivers, we don't need internet memes and viral videos to sell the Magic Sandwich. Because the Magic Sandwich can actually do what it claims. We are truly blessed by this food.


    Am I allowed to perform "independent research" as regards the ingredients of the "Magic Sandwich?"


  • stuckinarut2
    Had to revive this is so funny.....and so accurate
  • prologos
    to get the full anti-cancer cure, do I have to insist on leaven-free dough? non-sourdough?

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