rheumatoid artheritis

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  • mouthy

    Ask about the Gold injections Zev

  • zev

    whats in a gold injection?

  • hubert

    Zev, Could you possibly have Lupus? Did you check on that yet? I think Lupus has a lot of the same symptoms as RA. I'm not a doctor, but I have a sister and a daughter with Lupus.

    I will ask them for info about it, if you want me to. I used to get some type of arthritis many years ago. My fingers would swell up, and the souls of my feet would ache. It was caused by working in a cold garage, with ice cold tools. (Repairing snowblowers in the winter). You are a mechanic type person, so maybe this is what is causing you to have this arthritis.

    Anyway, so I discovered through my own experimenting that I could control (my) arthritis to a point. I don't know if it can help you, but this is what I did, and ...NO doctor ever told me to do this !! 1. Always wear gloves when out in the cold, especially when holding a cold steering wheel. 2. Wear slippers when in the house, never walk around barefoot. Even today, if I refrain from wearing slippers on a cold floor, my pain in my feet starts to come back.

    Try it, Zev..It might help a lot. I hope I don't sound like a quack here. It really works for me. Good luck.

    Oh, and start wearing a hat in winter, too. I wear a toque during winter months....Not very stylish, but keeps the head warm.


  • zev

    lupus hasn't been ruled out yet. i'm sure the rhuemy will be ordering more tests for that in february.

    thanks hubert, i'll take your advise anywho, just in case.

    i wouldnt mind learning more about lupus when you have time. i think only tests can determine that, and they could also show both, its called rupus believe it or not.

  • mouthy

    I really dont know what is in the Gold injections. But I used to get them once a month...That was 28 years ago,,, But they really did help ....I am sure the Specilist will tell you about them if you ask.

    Good luck


  • zev

    well its official, its r.a. for sure.

    i'll start plaquinel and mtx next month.

    good thing i have a high threshold for pain.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    I hope that you'll be able to 'manage' your pain somehow. Maybe it will ease when the treatment starts? I used to work with someone who had RA bad, they gave her a very low dose of a chemo drug and this gave her long stretches of reduced pain.

    Also, if the pain for you is worse in a particular area, perhaps you could try TENS therapy?

    Whatever happens, try to stay positive, not focusing on the pain all the time. You can do it!

  • blondie

    Are you on any NSAIDs? What kind of exercise if any? I have a related arthritis and water aerobics is all I'm allowed to do.


  • hamsterbait

    When I found out it is an autoimmune disorder, I asked my doctor about the immunosuppressants given to people who have had transplants.

    He just poo pood the whole idea. But if the body is attacking the cartilage as foreign, why are the Doctors not using immuno suppressors?

    I am sick of waking up stiff in all the wrong places.


  • blondie

    RA and related illnesses are treated with medications given to people with transplants.

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