Suppose Andy Kauffman Got Disfellowshipped....

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  • Stephanus

    Ah, Taxi - birth of so many comics. And a show that I never got to see, even though it was shown here. It was shown on commercial tv, while my father insisted we watch whatever British programme the Government funded Australian Television Commission was showing. And that was back when people only had one TV. Stupid 70s nostalgia - the Seventies suck!


    of the "always telling my kids how fortunate they are to not have to have lived through the 70s" class


    Steph..The worst part of the 70`s..DISCO!..Thank god its dead..They should dig it up and beat it with a shovel..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Metatron,

    I do find your post most curious and perplexing. I am not knowing this person whom you call Andy Kauffman. Is he highlevel Jehova Witness whose name I simply donut recognize as I have not been attender at Kingdom Hall for six month? The bizarre behaviour you have described surly is not that of one who profes to be loyal member of The Society. What is booga booga? I am not understanding your intent to get this brother in trouble by slander. How do you meet nice people at market if you hit them with the trolley? Who are you really?

    Truly yours,


  • metatron

    Andy Kauffman was a well known comic and comedic actor is the US - not a JW.

    I am not loyal to the Watchtower Society! I strongly object to their efforts to break up families in order to further their cult-like control

    over people. It's ugly and sick - and I think that a mass juvenile response to disfellowshipping might be helpful in stopping their evil



  • fullofdoubtnow

    It's an interesting idea Met, one we might well consider here,

    Linda (off to look for her clown outfit)

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    The Elders would probably think he is being posessed by .......(c'mon, y'all know it..).....DEMONS. Especially if he all of sudden starts talking like Latka.....Thank you veddy much!!

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