Lurkers: Why the Watchtower REALLY Opposes Holidays

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  • done4good
    I told her that if I was raised celebrating the holidays that my family would be much closer. Right now it's like were are aquaintences not family.

    Ouch!!! I know the feeling, and that is a very true statement. My mother's side of the familty, (the Witless side), used to be very close. The jws on that side of the family have now drawn a line down the middle of the familly to a point now, where no one even feels comfortable with anyone else, even when they do get together for some odd event. Even the jws dislike each other, now.


  • done4good

    Watchtower is partially right that SOME holidays are pagan, such as Christmas and Easter, but they should leave thanksgiving, harvest festival, mother/father/grandmother days and birthdays well alone.

    Yes, but the point is, so many things, (the calendar we use, wedding rings, etc), have pagan origins, and the WT dosen't care. They claim the "difference" is that no one uses such things anymore for pagan purposes. To that I say let me ask the WT this, when was the last time you heard of anyone worshiping the sun on Dec 25?


  • Poztate

    While it is true that "true christians aka JW's" do not celebrate Pagan holidays there are in fact 53 special days for them during the year.

    They are clearly maked as "special" on the JW calender......They are The Memorial and 52 Saturdays marked clearly as Magazine Day.™

    Who needs holidays when your life is so full and rewarding already.....

  • jwfacts

    Great points. It also makes it very hard for a JW to leave as everything the 'world' does seems so wrong. Gamble, smoke, drink, entertainment, dancing, beards, tattoos, the dress code, all those pagan celebrations. There is nothing scripturally wrong with doing any of that, yet an indoctrinated JW can not go anywhere, do anything, or talk to anyone in the world without these judgemental standards being in the forefront of their mind.

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