What if you refused to be disfellowshipped?

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  • DannyHaszard

    They will call the cops and relish getting a restraining order on you http://www.dannyhaszard.com/harassment.htm Get a protection order on them

    However.... They couldn't stop you from taking out a ad in the local paper!!! Example.."Are the local JWs REALLY telling you the whole truth?? Then state something brief like..why can a JW take fractions that are taken from YOUR donated blood, but they will refuse to donate blood for you and your children?? Then say.. for more information check out Freeminds...or JW discussion. Good idea right?? Sincerely, Lady Liberty

    http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/126086/1.ashx up at JWD Celebrity Jehovah’s Witnesses “Disfellowshipped”
    ChicagoPride.com, United States - 10 minutes ago
    ... Jacob and Joshua: Nemesis Rising were informed December 20, 2006, that a recent meeting held by their hometown Kalispell, Montana Jehovah's Witnesses chapter ...

  • DannyHaszard
    What if you picketed the KH?


  • moshe

    A disfellowshipped person is only welcome at a KH , if they sit at the back and don't talk to anyone. If you don't follow their rules of being a so-called persona non grata, the elders will ask you to leave and revoke your right of entry to KH property. Now you are tresspasing if you attempt to come to a KH meeting. I found out that JW's really can't handle a former JW who refuses to play by their rules of shunning. Actually, anyone who in their view disrupts a meeting will be in trouble. Disruption could be as little as persistantly asking embarrassing questions at meetings, not following dress codes, disrespecting the Elders, reading your Blackberry email during meetings, causing dissention among fellow JW's- asking questions or pointing out doctrinal flib flops, talking honestly about your personal experiences during the 1966-1975 era, any ongoing conversation that is depressing to the brothers and sisters and ruins the facade of the JW spiritual paradise and finally being poor, needy or sickly and asking for help from the brothers and sisters will also get the KH welcome mat pulled out from under you ,too.

    After looking at all of this, it's no wonder the JW's are a miserable and sorry bunch of people for willingly submitting to this mental torture.

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