Pressure to conform from his wife's congregation

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  • jgnat
    He says they really tell his wife that he ought to try harder to "fit in."

    I think he ought to have a long conversation with the wife about what it really means to be the head of the household. Ask where the elder relationship fits in there?

    One of the great treats of a marriage is to have someone at your side who will take your side come thick and thin. Together, they can weather life's storms. Apart, they might as well have the elders sleeping in the Master Bedroom with them.

  • xjwms

    control ... Control ... CONTROL !!!!

  • moshe

    I was absent for the KH for 3 months on an out of town job in upstate NY. I grew a beard and kept it when I came home for a week. I got lots of "looks" from everyone at the KH. Suprisingly, several brothers told me they wanted to grow a beard,too. I told them "go ahead" , but they didn't want to give up their Elder/MS priveleges. Being gone from the KH for three months cleared my head and got me to thinking about the big picture- I sure wish the internet had existed back then.

  • Borgia

    Here's one you may tell your friend:

    Samson told his guests a riddle.
    His fiancee was pressing him to reveal the answer
    His fiancee told her family. Hence her family could solve the riddle.

    Here's what he said:

    And he said to them, If ye had not plowed with my heifer, ye had not found out my riddle.

    Judges 14:18. I suspect the elders in that cong will love it to hear such fine and upbuilding comments!



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