how can we answer them?

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  • Fatfreek

    That's a great list Terry. When they've predicted (a prophet does exactly that) in error, and that list tells us they've done that a time or two --- or thousands, it brings to mind that great saying, "If It Looks Like A Duck And It Quacks Like A Duck, it must be a duck."

    Fats becomes a Master member. Hooray!

  • Terry

    Fats becomes a Master member. Hooray!

    I've met you in person and can only say that the name "Fats" is about as ironic as they come! My left leg weighs more than you

    Congrats on become a Master.

  • Little Bo Peep
    Little Bo Peep

    Haven't read all of the replys, so sorry if I repeat someone else's thoughts.

    First, the context of Proverbs 4:18 ... if you read the complete context, it is NOTHING about truth changing and getting more and more perfect.

    Second, where does the new light come from? If it does indeed come from Jehovah, how is that different than being inspired? My Websters dictionary says inspiration is to communicate ideas from a supernatura source. If not from Jehovah, then from whom? If from Jehovah, it must be "inspired", yet they claim they are not inspired, otherwise, there would be no need of changes.

    Third, why do we ask others to check what they believe, yet are so unwilling to really check deeply what JW's believe? It's ok to question, if "sincere" before one's baptism, but not ok after!

    Just a few thoughts, hope they help.


  • Quentin

    Way to go Fatfreak!!...

    good thread...

  • Cordelia

    thanks you guys

    its true i guess they do say they are providing the food at the proper time and yet change it a few years later so obviously they cant have been providing the right food

    does any one have any quotes from the societys literture ahere they as good as say they are jehs mouthpiece or inspired as a few ive talked to swear they never said it?

    coz that scrip ak jeff mentioned would prove they are false phrophets, sorry i doubt so much i just want proof!

  • avidbiblereader

    Thanks Terry for all the hard work with that info, I have cut and pasted it to my harddrive, I want to savor all the info. Excellent work.


  • LittleToe

    Jedi at 1000 posts

  • Cordelia

    whos a jedi at 1000 posts? and how are you little toe

    thank you all i just find it so hard i always want PROOF

  • new boy
    new boy

    I thought "English".........................came from England!

    But I have of crazy thoughts

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