I had an interesting day.

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  • MsMcDucket

    I used to love getting patients that were JW's, "with puffed chests out"!! And most of them never had a clue that an "evil" one was caring for them, or their family. Alot of times, in a ER situation. Me, and the other nurses' would just smile to each other. Cause they knew!!

    I had a JW patient and I told her that I was an ex-JW. She consented to let me give her care; but she kept admonishing me. She kept saying I was satisfied to be a nurse's aide for so and so years. She was mad because I got an RN degree, not because I was an ex-dub.

  • Abandoned

    OH!!!! You guys are the best. Thanks for all the nice words.

    It was so funny. My mom is just thrilled that I've had the christmas spirit this year. The last year I had it was 1987. Anyway, she's thrilled and so when the guy pointed out santa and mentioned the picture, I jumped up and said something like, "Yeah, I want a picture with santa." I said it quite loud I guess and then I jumped over to where he was. What with me having this beard and all, he was probably making his own little christmas wish. "Dear God, don't let me die in a santa suit."

  • misspeaches

    Aw sucks.... I've never had my pic with Santa, but your experience shows that its never too late! Don't know what hubby would think though.

    Love and Blessings MrsPeaches

  • avidbiblereader

    Looks like you were having fun, maybe the Santa was a witness who realized that you were the evil apostate, maybe you caught them like so many have been busted? Good day though and have a wonderful week as well.

  • Abandoned

    Thanks guys. If you have any temptation to get a pic with santa at all, DO IT! Why not? I've read that people have more regrets about what they didn't do then what they did.

  • JWdaughter

    You look so handsome. Love the smile. looks like it was a good day overall. How was Holiday? I heard it was shallow, but sometimes pretty people and nice scenery are all I need in a movie anyway. I'm so deep!


  • luvbug2007

    Awwww. Great pic if you have not sent your christmas cards to the jdubs i would say make this the front cover.. lol

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