I never thought I would live to see

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  • MsMcDucket

    I just made a long post about why I think making it illegal to smoke (here or there) and the damn thing disappeared into the WWW. It happens every time that I make a long post. What's is that?

  • bigmouth

    anewme-"We get hooked on things that are bad for us. And thats the truth. "

    That was very good anewme! Except I don't call it the 'truth' anymore.
    Pete ;)

  • rebel8

    Mrs. McDucket, try Wordpad or Notepad vs. Word.

    I don't understand what bearing perfume has upon tobacco smoke. The job I am paid to do has nothing to do with perfume; neither does this thread really.

    The existence of other annoying or even harmful substances in the air doesn't diminish the risk of breathing tobacco smoke.

    Restaurants and any other place of business have always been free to make rules restricting conduct on their premesis. No shirts, no service--stuff like that--nothing new.

  • MsMcDucket

    It did it again. It went off into the www. Ok here is an outline of a few points.

    Kids huffing Axe deodorant

    Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)

    Fragrance free environments


    Toluene in perfume

    . . .just to name a few reasons. If you can legislate where I can smoke, I should be able to legislate that you don't wear perfume.


    It`s banned in most public places here..I`ve tried to stop the penguins from smoking..It`s impossible..They`ve got booze and cigarettes stashed all over the ranch...OUTLAW

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