Demonic expereiences

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  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    All bs and religion aside we've all heard the demon stories of the witnesses but has anyone actually had an personal experience such that you can't explain with your rational mind that shocked you and may lend credence to the possibility of something paranormal. Not something hyped, or emotional,but something your gut told you is just couldn't happen and did?

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I've always had a rational mind, I like proof of things. One night I was alone with my brother in our house. We stayed home from the meeting to do our homework upstairs. It's an old farm house built at the turn of the century on a 13 acre plot of land. We heard an idescribably evil sound in the house and it seemed to permeate the whole house. It didn't sound human and it didn't sound man made. All I can say is, if my brother wasn't there i'd probably have thought I was losing my mind but he heard it too and it scared the crap out of us. Other things happened in the house too. I don't expect anybody to beleive it. Who would? But yet it happened. We still talk about those things and there's no history of insanity, schizophenia or anything in our family. Oh sorry with the exception of watch tower insanity. But still we are very rational people.

  • Elsewhere

    I was assaulted by demonz the other night at the gym!!!

    I used one of those pegs to set the weight on a machine and then turned around to start using the machine. I pushed and and noticed there was NO weight resistance... so I turned to verify where I put the peg and it was gone!

    No peg anywhere to be found. It hadn't fallen and wasn't under the machine or anywhere I looked. I was the only person there at the time so I know it couldn't have been taken by someone else!

    Them demonz obviously have it in for my workouts!!!!

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Maybe your weight lifting thing is in another dimension and satan needs it to keep fit for things to come. Didn't the brothers tell you that?

  • reneeisorym

    I just moved in a rent house and my cat had the hardest time there. She kept screeching for no apparent reason and would run around like something was going to get him. So one day my husband and I came home from getting groceries. I thought I heard something and I stopped. I looked into the room I thought the sound was coming from. I saw the door knob turn.. close... open.. I kept hearing like someone in there. Then.. the door slammed and I heard someone run out the back door and close the door behind them. I ran into that room to see if something was missing. The door there was closed and locked by the chain from the inside. That door was never opened in the laundry room and there was a spiderweb across from the door to the wall. After that I was terrified until I moved out a few weeks later.

    Suspicious things happened later that worried me but they were things that could be explained by more natural suggestions.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Wow that's freaky! I beleive you. Have you ever been to secret crypt . com. That made me think twice.

  • sinis

    Well, I'm one for proof myself. I have tried on numerous occasions to contact my dead relatives, all to no avail. I do have to comment though that my cats will, in unison look at something in ths house (that seems to be invisible) and you can watch them follow it with their eyes. This usually happens when I have tried to contact my relatives as mentioned above. I have no idea what they are seeing, as I can't see anything. I find it facinating, but as I have mentioned I do not seem to be getting any tangible proof.

  • MeneMene

    Three times in the last month I have been sitting in bed late at night watching TV. All the lights are out - just the TV is on. All of a sudden the ceiling fan light comes on and the fan turns on. It's a new house. Hopefully it's just an electrical problem. It is creepy.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I too have experienced a cat looking ar something that wasn't their. I tried to push him off the bed but he refused to go. I can beleive what people say on this topic but I don't necessarily think that makes the bible or watchtower correct. It is simply an unexplainable phenomenon perhaps taking place in a dimension within our dimension. I hope....

  • Mary

    I haven't had any experiences personally, but I'll relate something that happened to Delilah's hubby (seeing as she can't post here right now). They live in an old house where weird stuff has happened since they moved in. Their son saw an old man floating above his bed one night and then vanish into the wall, the phone flew off the table in the hallway one night prompting their company to say "let's get the hell out of here now" and Delilah hears footsteps outside her bedroom door at night on an infrequent basis. One night while her hubby was on the road (he's a truck driver), she was getting ready for bed when she heard his voice calling her. She forgot for a moment that he was gone and replied "What?" When 'he' called her name again she got exasperated and went "What?!" Then she realized he was 300 miles away.

    When she told him about it, he put it down to "you're losin' your marbles" like he did all the other stuff. He's a big burly, no-nonsense guy who does not scare easily and he kinda pooh-poohed everything. Until something happened to him. He came home from work one day and, as many men do, called out "Hell-oooo, I'm home!" He heard his daughter upstairs yell down "Hi Dad!" so he said "Hi honey".

    He went to the fridge to fix something to eat and less than a minute later the phone rang. It was his daughter. She was at a friend's house and needed a ride home. Could someone come and pick her up? Delilah was at work and the boys were in school. Hubby went upstairs, looked through each room carefully. No one was there.

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