Does anyone remember this member?

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  • nonamegiven

    HMMM. Anyone remember him? Well, take a sec to read this post

    In that post he talks about his devout brother that would shun him if he were to speak of the real truth he learned. Well, I am that brother. See, when timmm was going through this time of conflict I was doubting things but being a good dub and puting doubts away.

    I called him to tell him of my DF'ing and he was shocked. He told me he thought I would never leave and couldn't believe I had been DF'd. As I told him of my year of doubts he said it mirrored his story (except for the corn cob and thumb-tack incident) and I could tell he was relieved.

    Anyway, that's it, just wanted to tell anyone who remembers him that is little bro is here now.

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  • jgnat

    I love it when a family comes together! Awesome.

  • juni

    That's something. Kind of like the old program....."The Rest of the Story.....".

    How is mom and baby doing? Thought of a baby boy's name yet?


  • sspo

    Welcome to the group

  • Crumpet

    OHH! What a happy story! Gives me a smidgeon of hope!

  • skyking

    Good News.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Gregor

    Makes one wonder how many in the org are living a sham out of fear of losing friends and family who in turn are living the same lie themselves... I imagine there are probably married couples who lay in bed next to each other with apostate thoughts going through their heads. They rise the next morning, get dressed and go out in field service together...

  • Legolas

    Good news!

  • Jourles

    Your brother, Outnfree(Brenda), and I shared a few pints four or so years ago. If I recall correctly, he was gracious enough to buy. Tell him I still owe him a few beers. It's been a while since I've heard from him. Is he still living in the Detroit area?

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