NEWBIES: Just curious how you all found this site??

by Lady Liberty 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Welcome all you new ones here!!

    As you can see there are ALOT of you! Being such, it would be interesting to note how you all found this site?? Did someone tell you about it? Or did you stumble across it by accident? For fun won't you tell us??

    Regardless, we are glad you are here! I will try bumping to the top some helpful info. you may appreciate. If others want to do the same I am sure the new ones here will be as greatful as we were when we joined!


    Lady Liberty

  • merfi

    Not really a newbie (though sometimes sorta still feel that way) but the way that I found this site was by typing in a google: "disassociation letter" as I was working on mine and wanted some sort of template. The *right* way to write one. Links with the url of this site were mixed in with some others, I clicked a few and then spent the next few days [and nights] reading and reading here...


  • Abandoned

    I found this site by clicking on the scroller at I think the first topic I viewed here was about the end of religion tract. I'm not really sure, but I found that site some time in the beginning of october. I can't believe I went four or five years keeping all of this inside.

  • penny2

    I'm not a newbie but I found it through the freeminds site.


  • AgentSmith

    My wife, Mrs Smith, started searching for answers and googled 'Jehovah's Witnesses' and there it was. No 1! I reluctantly started to read this 'Apostate' information. LOL. The information blew me away!

    I spent a few months just reading and checking that the information was indeed correct. It took me about a year to make my first post.

  • Chameleon

    I don't remember how exactly I got here, but I had decided to research the history of the dubs to be better informed about my (former) religion, and I took in all the info from apostate sites. hehe.

  • NanaR

    I googled Jehovahs Witnesses and found the site: (Beyond Jehovahs Witnesses). I read everything on that site and found it both accurate and reasonable. He had links to some discussion boards, I clicked on some and took a look (this was one of them).

    I also emailed him directly with appreciation for his site. He replied to my email and recommended that I read more on discussion boards (recommended this one by name and link). I started reading and couldn't stop -- joined within a day or two.


  • NanaR

    The site I just mentioned (that directed me here just over a month ago) is no longer active! I just went there, and it says

    "For philosophical reasons, I have discontinued this web site.
    I recommend no religion.
    I find Buddhism interesting."

    It was a wonderful web site. Its reasonableness and accuracy appealed to me.

    I hope TC is okay. Maybe he just got tired, he's been running it a long time.


  • bernadette

    i found it through freeminds net scoop

  • pobthespazz

    Been a frequent visitor to Free Minds , over about 6 years but never new about the JWD forum till earlier this year

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