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  • mrsjones5

    Wow, you came back. I'm glad we didn't scare you off.

  • reneeisorym

    I am not a JW because I realized that the Bible does not say what they tell you it does. It has a whole different message. That message is even more clear in another version of the Bible such as KJV or NIV (my favorite).

  • Clam

    Welcome aboard Captain.

  • james_woods

    Actually, there are many "JWs in name only" here...a lot of them post in secret because they are compelled to still go to the Kingdom Hall because of parents, family, JW marriage, etc. They use this site as a safety valve to prevent the brainwashing to send them to an asylum. Many of these are actually still servants or even active publishers, a few occasionally pioneer.

    There are also a few who are JW hardliners, and come here to troll us over on such junk as "607BCE" or "the divine inspiration of the Governing Body", etc. There are also a few trolls for other religions - Russellites, Mormons, etc...who have probably never been witnesses.

    But mostly, of course, we are people who have left the Witnesses over religious principles. Most anybody here would offer you friendship, but the underlying fact is that almost everybody here is unafraid to criticize the WTSociety if we feel it is wrong. So -

    The most relevant question to ask of yourself is - "what would the elders do to me if they caught me posting here on JWD"?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I used to be a Jw - zealous and jealous for the organization. Forty-eight I was when I began to dare to ask the questions and actually hear the answers from within and from without that caused me to leave due to conscience. Now all my former friends and relatives inside the organization refuse to speak to me - my sin? Thinking and choosing to serve God based on differing premises than they.

    I hope you stick around here matey. The seas get choppy at times, and the compasses don't indicate what they used to - but the freedom is wonderful and smells of jasmine.


  • bebu

    There are also several like me, who were never JWs at all. I ended up here because I needed to understand why my JW neighbor could think normally in certain circumstances, but became robotic and strange whenever the subject of religion came up. I wanted to know from those who had been there, what kind of things were going on inside her head. And what events/information/experiences caused formerly devout JWs to leave. It was a very good education.

    Now I just stick around to provoke everyone.

    I'm glad you're sticking around. If you have questions about the WTS, this forum will help you sort out the answers. Here is an interesting site if you've not seen it before. It is a compilation of WTS quotes, with contexts, arranged by subject over time. It is also a grave embarassment to the WTS.

    Again, welcome!


  • captainl

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